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 High Self Esteem In 21 Days by Adam Eason

A guide to the secrets of recognizing your inner self-esteem and maintaining a high self-esteem as a basis for performing successfully and achieving your goals. The 21 Day format gives you an excellent base for beginning your quest for high achievement and personal fulfillment.

The Secrets of Self-Esteem shows you how to build the self-esteem of your team, your employees and your sales force. Changing the way people feel about themselves has been shown to enhance achievement. It’s as simple as that…and this book does indeed give you the secrets. Here is the answer to greater success at work and in the field.

From the Author

This book represents a concise, step by step guide on how to create self-esteem, examine how you function and respond to life, how to be happier and happier, enhance your self-esteem and how to use it to excel and create the life you want and are fulfilled by.

This book includes everything that I used over a number of years to establish and developy my own self-esteem and it is all yours in the next 21 days.

I thank you for allowing me to share it all with you and hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did.

Adam Eason

From the Back Cover

In the Secrets of High Self-Esteem, Adam Eason prsents innovative, clear and compassionate strategies that help anyone to identify and alleviate causes of a lack of self-esteem and offers powerful and insightful new tools for you to use that provide hope and healing. This book clearly helps you to develop and enhance your self-esteem in 21 exciting days.

Read this book and you will learn how to:

* Change the way you think and feel. With the process contained within this book, you learn how to brighten, enhance and improve your self-esteem.

* Enjoy greater happiness and increased success as your self-esteem increases.

* Stop old unwanted thoughts. Free yourself of limiting self beliefs and previous negative programming.

* Be aware of how you arrived where you are in your life today and how to create a happier future.

* Discover more purpose in your life.

* Use lots of cutting-edge strategies and techniques – use your brain to feel wonderful about being you.

This sensational new offering from Adam Eason delivers a simple pathway for anyone to follow. It is a structured, step by step guide that absolutely anybody can use to learn how to be in control of their self-esteem.

About the Author

Adam Eason is a prodigious talent in the world of hypnosis and personal development. One of the most qualified in his field, highly academically recognized as an international best selling author, motivational speaker, therapist, consultant and trainer in the fields of hypnosis, communication, personal development and human potential. Adam has worked with thousands of individuals, has been featured in international, national and local media and appeared on television on numerous occasions. He brings a refreshingly ready wit and contagious enthusiasm that permeates all of his work and spreads to all who experience it.

Those who have seen him speak, invested in his programs, consulted with him and attended his seminars continue to be moved deeply; learn profoundly; laugh loudly.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

What is Self-Esteem?

You can’t touch it, but it affects how you feel. You can’t see it, but it is there when you look at yourself in the mirror. You can’t hear it, but it is there affecting every kind of communication you engage in.

To understand self-esteem, it helps to examine the term in two words. Let’s take a look at the word esteem first. Esteem is a fancy word for thinking that someone or something is important, or valuing that person or thing. For example, if you really admire your friend’s father because he does a lot of work for charity, it means you hold him in high esteem. And the special word for the most valuable player on a team is often called an esteemed trophy. This means the trophy stand for an important accomplishment.

And self means, of course, your self! So when you put these two words together, it is far easier to understand what self-esteem is. It is how much you value yourself and how important you think you are. It is how you perceive yourself and how you feel about your achievements. You are going to read in more detail what self-esteem actually is later in this book.

Self-esteem is not bragging about how great you are, it is often people who lack self-esteem who behave like that. It is much more of a quiet sense of knowing that you are worth a lot; you have value. It is certainly not about thinking you are perfect in every way – because nobody is – rather, it is simply knowing that you are worthy of being loved and accepted; primarily by yourself.

Why is Self-Esteem So Important?

Self-esteem is not like a brilliant pair of running shoes that I start drooling over when I see them reviewed in a running magazine and start having desirous thoughts about, they are things that I would love to have but do not have to have. Good levels of self-esteem are important because it helps you to hold your head high and feel proud of yourself and what you can do. It gives you the courage to do new things and it gives you the power to believe in yourself. It lets you respect yourself, even if you make mistakes. It is when you respect yourself that others usually respect you, too.

Having good levels of self-esteem is also the ticket to making good choices about your mind and body. If you think you are important, especially as a child, you are far less likely to mindlessly follow the crowd and be easily led in directions that are wrong for you. When you have good self-esteem, you know that you are clever enough to make your own decisions that are for your better and higher good. You value your well-being, your safety, your feelings, your health – your entire self! Good levels of self-esteem help you to just know that every part of you is worth caring for and protecting, even without consciously having to do so.

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High Self Esteem In 21 Days by Adam Eason