Hirokazu Kanazawa – Shotokan Karate Mastering


Hirokazu Kanazawa – Shotokan Karate Mastering

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TE WAZA- Hand Techniques such as blows, blocks, and more.
WAZA ASHI Kicks, stances, hips, and shifting are all examples of foot techniques.
KIHON IDO – Combinations of hands and feet, as well as shifting and other movements.
KYU KATA – Below Black Belt katas like as Heians, Tekkis, and others.
KATA, DAN Kata for Black Belts.
Each kata involves the form being performed slowly at first, then quickly, as well as Kancho’s bunkai (description) of each technique.
Kancho Kanazawa performs the NI JU HACHI HO White Crane form in slow and full speed, with various explanations of the techniques.
KUMITE In this DVD, two SKIF champions demonstrate ippon kumite, sanbon kumite, gohon kumite, and jiyu kumite, proving why many believe Shotokan practitioners to be the finest fighters in traditional Japanese karate.
Nobuaki Kanazawa and Manabu Murakami will show you what their master taught them.
KANCHO’S INTERVIEW We’ve all been waiting for this tell-all interview.
Have you ever pondered what the JKA did and why they did it? Have you ever wondered why Kancho Kanazawa quit the JKA or England?
It’s all here, and he goes into great detail about what he learned from Funakoshi, Nakayama, Okazaki, Nishiyama, and others.
It’s incredible how much more there is.
Don Warrener, a distinguished novelist, writer, and interviewer, conducted the interview.
Don’t miss it; it’s extremely entertaining as the Master is put on the spot.
HOLLYWOOD VISITS A MASTER Hirokazu Kanazawa enjoys a good chuckle, even if it is at his own cost.
You’ll see all of the blunders, mishaps, and mix-ups, as well as when he encountered Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley (look-a-likes) on Hollywood Boulevard.
People from all across the world will give testimonies and certification to the man known as Kancho.
Plus, you’ll be taken behind the scenes of the production of Mastering Karate and other surprises.


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Hirokazu Kanazawa – Shotokan Karate Mastering