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Hock Hochheim – Chain of the Knife DVDDescription: W.
Hock Hochheim is a World Martial Arts Hall of Famer with 23 years as a street patrol officer and detective in both civilian and military police work, and a veteran of over 1,300 arrests.
He is a martial arts Master and hold Black Belts in Filipino, Japanese and American Martial Arts.
Chain of the Knife is one of several independant theme videos that deal with hand-on knife close quarter combat.
Hochheim’s knife training progression:

*Level 1: Introduction to Edged Weapons and Combat Stress Knife “Quick Draw”
Module*Level 2: The Saber Slash Module and Dueling for the 21st Century
*Level 3: The Reverse Grip Slash Module
*Level 4: The Hacking Module and The Spartan Combat Module*Level 5: The Reverse Grip Stabbing Module
*Level 6: The Saber Grip Stabbing Module and The Chain of the Knife Module
*Level 7: The Pommel Strike and Closed Folder Striking Module
*Level 8:“In the Clutches OF” Module” (most knife vs.
knife ground fighting appears here)
*Level 9: Unarmed versus the Knife and The Counter-Crime Module (Most unarmed vs.
the knife ground fighting appears here)*Level 10: Combat Scenario Testing.

*Level 11 Knife Ground Fighting
*Level 12 Stick and Knife
*Level 13 Bowie and Big Knife Dueling
*Level 14 Machete Combatives
*Level 15 and more, topics as asked for and approved by Hock as Masters Level studiesThe Chain of the Knife Combat Drill: When the Spartan impact fails, the Chain is often the next option.
You clutch the wounded, slowed, or stopped weapon-bearing limb and fight on from there.

See the complete sets (footage shot in an underground military complex)some review:”Man! This DVD is just loaded with tons of Knife Entries, Skill Building Drills, Invasion Drills, Empty Hand Drills and Live Hand Drills! This DVD is just awesome! Hock has done it again! I think this is –by far– the best Knife DVD yet! This blows away most fancy smancy knife systems that I have seen! Very unqiue Hock! Very Unique! IF YOU DONT HAVE IT! THEN GET IT!” – Mario Leone, CN.


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Hock Hochheim – Chain of the knife