How to Architect a Branding Blueprint by Ryan Deiss



 How to Architect a Branding Blueprint by Ryan Deiss

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Architect a Brand that Builds Authority & Actually Increases Sales

Become THE voice of authority in your market… WITHOUT sacrificing leads & conversions


In this training, you’ll architect your business’ unique “Brand Blueprint” by going through the same process Ryan Deiss used to bring DigitalMarketer’s brand to life. Ryan shares the exact steps your business can use to make you an authority in your market and build an emotional bond with your audience, while simultaneously doing what a business is supposed to do: SELL YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE.

What You’ll Learn

  • The key to finding an authentic voice that leads like-minded customers straight to your doorstep
  • Ryan’s secret strategy for reverse-engineering authority (and it has nothing to do with “fake it until you make it”)
  • 5 quick steps to take what you already know and believe, and turn it into a brand that flat-out SELLS
  • The tools for developing a structured narrative that keeps your brand’s messaging consistent, no matter who on your team is creating the content
  • How companies like Angie’s List, Shinola, and SeaVees use automated emails to move MILLIONS of dollars of a wide array of products, PLUS…
  • DigitalMarketer’s proven copy-and-paste email template (5 series and 37 total emails) that make crafting high-converting promotional email campaigns as easy as “COPY…PASTE…SEND”


Clarify Your Brand Positioning

In this opening section you’ll define your brand’s vision, mission, and core values. You’ll then learn how to leverage these to create a completely personalized branding framework that positions your business as an answer to your customers’ problems.

Identify Your Authority Amplifiers

Help your customer break through the noise of the marketplace by building your brand as a voice of authority. Ryan will show you how and where to position your brand and so that you can attract more leads, and convert those leads into satisfied customers who believe in your business and what it stands for.

Codify Your Brand Voice

Develop a clear narrative that showcases the qualities and perspectives that make your company unique and interesting, and establishes a structure for consistent messaging across all channels within your organization.

Audit & Optimize Your Brand

Using Ryan’s “Brand Blueprint” you’ll construct a living document that your team will use to present a unified voice for your brand—your mission, who you serve, and who YOU are as a company, AND Ryan’s “6-Point Brand Audit” to evaluate your brand’s voice throughout periods of growth.


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How to Architect a Branding Blueprint by Ryan Deiss