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How to Make Money Online Tai Lopez (Course Overview)

Mr. Here in my garage, Tai Lopez has mastered the way of making money online. Owning multiple supercars and living a Rockstar lifestyle, Tai has been able to create a high quality of living for himself through selling items online. In this video, I will outline the four steps Tai uses to make over $100,000 a day from his online businesses. Step 1: Find common household items to sell

While people think that to be successful selling online you must sell innovative items, this simply is not the case. Tai recommends selling common goods like candles and books as these are the most sought after items since they are used on a day to day basis. Tai has taken his own advice and has recently created a business selling blue light blocking glasses called swannies. By selling common items, it reduces the need to sell the benefits of the products to the end consumers since they are goods that buyers already use. How to Make Money Online Tai Lopez Steps:

How to Invest Your Money Tai Lopez

How to Make Money Online Tai Lopez

Step 2: Use Shopify, Click funnels or Amazon to sell your goods

Now that you have a chosen a product, you must find a channel you can use to make sales. While it is entirely possible to sell through your own personal website, gaining enough traffic to make sales can be difficult. Instead, it is advised that you leverage the pre-existing traffic of sites like Amazon or harness the power of click funnels to drive sales. Therefore, step 2 is to sign up for a Shopify, Click Funnel or Amazon account and create an e-commerce shop that will host your products which can then be seen by the millions of users of these sites. How to Make Money Online Tai Lopez

Step 3: Connect your accounts to a credit card processor and bank account (How to Make Money Online Tai Lopez)

Once your shop is set up, you need to ensure you can collect proceeds from your sales. To do this, you must set up a credit card processor to start. For people who are new to online business, a processor like Stripe offers a low-cost method of collecting payments and services like PayPal can offer extended services for more intermediate users. Once your payment processor is set up, you must open a business bank account. Doing this allows you to transfer the cash that is collected on Stripe or Paypal into physical currency if desired. How to Make Money Online Tai Lopez.

Step 4: White label your products and drop ship them

The final step at making money online as explained by Tai Lopez is to white label your products and drop ship them. White labelling involves sourcing the products you want to sell and putting your own brand label on them which the suppliers can do for you. Once this is done, your products are now complete and ready for sale. While many people who sell online store hundreds of items at their house or in their garage, drop shipping offers a more flexible and hassle free way to sell online. How to Make Money Online Tai Lopez says Once purchase orders are placed in your e-commerce store, you can then notify your supplier to ship your products directly to the end user, effectively eliminating any storage fees that normally come with selling physical products. Once the goods are received and the payment is finalized, step 4 can be repeated over and over generating you hundreds if not thousands of dollars a day!

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How I Make Money Online (case study):

4 Steps To Getting Started

“Watch me walk you through starting a new online business from scratch with these 4 simple steps”

In this video I just checked my phone and one of my online businesses has made over $14,000 in a single day selling daily household items.

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Tai Lopez is an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. Rated as one of the top business influencers by Forbes, he has appeared on various TV and radio shows and spoken at TEDx talks and top global universities like The London Business School and the University of Southern California. He also created one of the most downloaded podcasts in the World and a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers.


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