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Bliss. Euphoria. Tremendous self-pride. Such terms fail to fully capture the sensation that meets those who accomplish a personal high goal. This is a sensation that many authors know well.

Writing a book is difficult; writing romance only multiplies this difficulty. There’s so much more going on within a successful romance novel than readily meets the untrained eye. Average readers would have little to say if asked what factors make a terrific romance novel. Such readers certainly wouldn’t go on for hours and hours, as this course does, explaining the vital nuisances of plot, setting, and characterization.

It is not the average readers’ fault, discerning the secrets of a successful tale are not easy to uncover. It requires years of hard work and diligent study to remove the mysteries of what creates a well-crafted tale. Or rather, it use to. This course strives to remove such torment.

My name is Peter Simon, and I have spent much of my life studying literature. I have a Bachelors in English, a master’s degree in Liberal Arts, and a master’s degree in English & Creative Writing. It would be convenient for me to say here that those degrees provided me with everything I needed to know in order to unravel the secrets of crafting fiction. However, to say such a thing would be a lie. The truth is that those degrees only provided me with the means to interpret literature, not to create it. This truth is why this course exists.

At an early age I had heard of the bliss that greeted those authors who completed their books. The mentioning of such a sensation perked up my ears. After all, who doesn’t like to experience that sense of tremendous self-pride. The mention of bliss isn’t the only thing that caught my attention though. What captured me was the discovery of a form of immortality. As long as written words remain, the author’s story endures. I perceive this as a form of immortality.

This is the notion that pulled me towards a life-long study of words. Admittedly though, many years of this study was practically wasted. I wanted to learn how to create fiction not how to analyze it, and yet that’s basically all that the schools taught me. Boring lectures, torturous all-nighters spent on countless assignments, enormous tuition fees, energy wasted to obtain knowledge barely relevant to what I craved. Again, this is why this course exists.

I have studied the craft now. I have finally gained the knowledge that the universities would not give me. If your goal is as mine was, to learn how to craft a well-written story, then this is the course for you. Other than feedback on your writing, this course provides everything I believe you need to know in order to create a well-written romance novel.

This course offers you a solid foundation and then it builds upon that foundation. Before you can understand the nuances of the romance genre, you must first fully grasp the science and art of writing fiction. Therefore, a generalized understanding of crafting fiction at large is diligently covered in this course. Such lessons should remove the barriers of entry, delivering to all those who wish to write their story the necessary knowledge to achieve this high goal.

My objective is to provide the experience that I was denied. I’m not going to lie, learning this craft is difficult. However, it doesn’t need to be painful as it was for me. There’s an enormous amount of information that must be successfully passed on to you if you are to know exactly what to do and why. As I wish my former professors understood, this information doesn’t need to be delivered in a boring and excruciating way. Hence the presentation style of this course.

This course was designed to be clear, relatively concise, and entertaining. I’ve used every tool at my disposal to make your time with this course the best experience that I can deliver.

The following is a generalized list of what is included in this course:

  • An explanation as to why you should write romance novels
  • World Rules as they pertain to the romance novel
  • All things Conflict (internal conflict, external conflict, why have conflict in a story, etc.)
  • An exploration of the emotional story
  • Many sections that explore all things related to the hero and heroine
  • How findings in evolutionary psychology and neurology can aid in writing romance novels
  • Non-main characters
  • Setting
  • Withholding the “I Love You”
  • Why and How to have flawed characters
  • The Character Story
  • Dialogue
  • Cliffhangers
  • The First Meeting
  • Backstory
  • The Love Triangle
  • The Kiss
  • 3 different novel plotting methods

The list goes on.

Hard work and your chance at experiencing ‘that’ bliss awaits you should you choose to take the next steps. I sincerely hope that you do. In my mind there is only one thing better than experiencing the sensation that follows the completion of your very own book. This is of course helping others to feel such elation. Please enroll now.



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How to Write a Romance Novel