Human Lie Detector by Talmadge Harper



 Human Lie Detector by Talmadge Harper


What is included in the download?
What if you had the ability to instantly know if someone was lying to you ? What if you could instantly know if someone was being truthful or not? How would things be easier for you if you could instantly know the true intentions of someone?How would your life be easier if you could quickly tell if you were being manipulated by any message or media? This Mp3 has been requested for quite some time by my clients. I didn’t quite see the need for it until now, however with the state of the world I believe people can use this mp3. I am weary about this being abused but I guess time will tell.

What is the best way to maximize effectiveness?
Listen before you go to bed, at least once a day for 2 weeks. Most people say results happen within 1-7 days.

What is the expected outcome?
You will have an uncanny ability to instantly sense if someone is being truthful or not. In addition you will become immune to any type of negative influence or programming because you will be able to recognize it instantly.

What commitment do you have to make?
Listen to this mp3 once a day before you go to bed so you can fall asleep listening. You will see results in the first week. However you will need to listen each night for 21 days to ensure success. Keep in mind that there are subliminals and you won’t be able to hear anyone talking. If you do hear voices it will be just barely but it is designed to be this way. It is VITAL that you use a high quality pair of ear buds or headphones. Cheapo 3 dollar ear buds or ear phones are not capable of capturing all the isochronal tones and subliminals.

What if I have more questions on how to use it?
Every customer gets life time email consultation just send me an email and I will help you with any concerns.

What kind of money back guarantee do I get?
I offer a money back guarantee if you don’t see results AFTER 30 days of consistent use. This is to avoid people from downloading the product and trying to get it for free by saying it doesn’t work after one day. I know the products work if you use them and if you ask questions if you don’t understand something.

Where can I get more information?
CLICK HERE for testimonials of this product and many more!


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Human Lie Detector by Talmadge Harper