IBD Level II – Intermediate Strategies for Successful Investing



IBD Level II – Intermediate Strategies for Successful Investing

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Put your CAN SLIM Education Into Action

The most difficult hurdle for every investor is the one that takes you from strategic knowledge to real world application. You know the CAN SLIM® Investment System. You recognize a Cup-with-Handle. That’s an essential first step, but to consistently make money, you need to go deeper. In this workshop, you’ll learn advanced market-tracking techniques. You’ll see in detail the specific fundamental analysis and chart reading methods used to find stocks with the greatest potential. And you’ll discover the steps to take to protect your gains by identifying warning signs early on.

The CAN SLIM Investment System works because it is based not on opinions or predictions, but on what the market actually does. Attend this workshop, and you’ll leave with a detailed action plan for using the CAN SLIM Investment System and IBD to help improve your future returns. Click here to register today! or call

What you’ll Learn:

How to realistically spot market tops and bottoms
• Learn to follow, not fight the market with a few simple tracking
techniques that help protect your gains
• See how to apply the “Current Outlook” and “Distribution Days”
found in The Big Picture when managing your own portfolio

How to read charts more accurately & profitably
• Discover the combined strengths and benefits of daily and
weekly charts – and how to use them in tandem for better
• Put individual stock charts in a market context to make more
accurate buy and sell decisions
• Learn to distinguish between sound and faulty signals within a
Cup-with-Handle, Ascending Base, Flat Base and more
• See how to count bases within common chart patterns to help
gauge a stock’s potential

Screening techniques to identify emerging winners
• How to find stocks before they break out using IBD and
• Discover specific parameters that help uncover fast-growing
stocks currently forming bases
• Apply easy-to-follow methods to create a targeted watch list

Plus! Get exclusive MarketSmith sample screens, featuring parameters used by O’Neil Data Systems Inc. Portfolio Managers. Use these screens to help spot fundamentally sound stocks showing signs of a major price move.


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IBD Level II – Intermediate Strategies for Successful Investing

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