Import Direct From China Guide (New 2016 Version) by Jim Cockrum



Import Direct From China Guide (New 2016 Version) by Jim Cockrum

Salepage : Import Direct From China Guide (New 2016 Version) by Jim Cockrum

Archive : Import Direct From China Guide (New 2016 Version) by Jim Cockrum

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This book is Full of valuable information including:

  • You’ll never need to see the product.
  • How to avoid the many product sourcing web portals that appear safe because they have thousands of suppliers listed, but are hazardous to your financial well-being. Get safe access to reliable suppliers by using the very few safe sourcing web portals that I recommend.
  • How to buy small amounts at factory prices to try out importing on a small scale. In fact this is what I recommend even if you plan on importing large quantities.
  • In just 133 pages learn how very easy importing can be. Why buy a complicated course or a big eBook that will take you many hours or days to study? 133 pages is enough, especially when you have my ongoing help.
  • How to avoid having to learn all the rules and regulations. Use other people’s expertise.
  • You will learn to recognize and avoid the widespread misinformation circulating on the web, including the risky sourcing practices often recommended on internet marketing forums.
  • How easy it is to import and how to minimize your risks.
  • Customs clearance can be a nightmare but you will find it a piece of cake if you follow my advice.
  • A ridiculously simple trick of the trade to make sure that you get the best prices.
  • I explain that avoiding haggling is an important trick of the trade.
  • How to avoid freight rip-offs that could potentially bankrupt you is another trick of the trade.
  • Gain direct access to genuine manufacturers rather than dealing with unreliable agents.
  • Identity of a trade organization that only the “big boys” know about but which is a valuable contact point to help you find reputable manufacturers.
  • Avoid these two big risks when obtaining samples.
  • Licenses – do you need them?
  • Discover the huge profit margins being made by importers. I have sold for $21,000 1,000 items that cost me $3,000 landed. $18,000 profit on one simple order! One importer whom I taught wrote me: “It’s nice to make that occasional $50,000 profit for half a day’s work.”
  • Deciding which products to import. Why the size of the product can be important.
  • Locate items in places other than China at even better prices or better quality for the same price.
  • Suppliers will come to you if you use our simple methods.
  • Good reasons why you should avoid drop shipping and deal directly with the manufacturer (The Path to Big Profits)
  • How to be sure you are dealing with a real manufacturer not a reseller or agent.
  • How to get your mail service to handle your Customs clearances at no cost to you.
  • Step by step instructions with a check list of things that must be done when ordering.



Jim Cockrum has inspired and earned the trust of tens of thousands of online entrepreneurs with his creative yet down to earth training style. He has sold millions of dollars of products and services online and has helped thousands of others start and grow successful eBay and online businesses since 2000.


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Import Direct From China Guide (New 2016 Version) by Jim Cockrum