In Search of Golden Tara by Judy Satori



In Search of Golden Tara by Judy Satori

oin Judy Satori for the online spiritual adventure of a lifetime to the mysterious, dramatically beautiful Ladakh, “land of the high passes”.

This year Judy took 2 tour groups to Ladakh. Now YOU can experience the same transformative spiritual journey in this audio/visual 13 day online journey recorded LIVE in Ladakh.

13 days of transformation with the energies of the Goddess Golden Tara recorded LIVE with Judy Satori in the Sacred Land of Ladakh, India.

During this 13-day program of transformation, the Goddess Golden Tara will also walk alongside you to activate many positive changes and help you to access a more confident and more joyful expression SELF.

Judy’s Journey …

Judy - Garden LadakhJudy has visited India several times and has long been an energy conduit for the Buddhist Goddess Tara. Several years ago while in Nepal Judy discovered a book about a Golden Tara in a book store in Kathmandu. This book described the journey by the author Dieter Glogowski to remote Lingshed Monastery in Ladakh, where he met with an elderly Lama who asked him to find a lost statue of a Golden Tara.

Judy was intrigued by the story as she had only ever experienced Tara in her Green Tara and White Tara energy emanations. She had never heard of a Golden Tara, but she now felt her energy.

So, in 2016, Judy traveled to Ladakh on her own personal quest to find the Golden Tara.

She spent seven weeks literally crossing the high mountain passes of Ladakh, but on the inner planes she crossed a great divide within herself. Her search for the Golden Tara brought her clarity for her future life and work and her transition into the new energy of “God’s creation” that is now coming forth in her work.

What People Are Saying …

“All I could say was: Wow! What a magical adventure! It’s one of those trips that will be forever etched in my memory – the majestic landscape that greeted us upon every bend of the mountainous roads, the monasteries that we visited and most of all – Pangong Lake and Nubra Valley! I felt as though I had been transported to another dimension. Not to mention the transmissions from Golden Tara by you! I could feel the vibration and energy that were so evident especially during the transmissions and in all the places that we visited.” ~Chiewy

“I want to let you know that after the Finding the Golden Tara tour to Ladakh that something has really shifted in me in a good way. Thank you for your caring, compassion, wisdom and healing and for everything you gave of yourself during our journey with the Golden Tara. You are someone who truly embodies love and I feel so blessed to have had time with you. It was the trip of a lifetime and I know I will keep the magnificent, beautiful and singular experiences with me always.” ~ Holly

“The experience of journeying with the Golden Tara in Ladakh is forever etched on my soul as one of the great hallmarks of this life time. Thank you Judy and Sameeta for who you are and what you are doing to assist humanity to evolve. I love you both and am deeply grateful for the new connections and friendships formed.” ~Stacey

Take a giant leap in your human and spiritual evolution!
Purchase and own this exciting 13 day ONLINE journey in Ladakh or
view the online journey in the Ascension Library.

Watch a daily video and listen to audio transmissions from the Goddess Golden Tara.
You will be transformed!


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In Search of Golden Tara by Judy Satori