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Intensified Prosperity by Carole Dore

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This Powerful Life-Changing Workshop Is a Strategic Program to Guide and Assist You In Skillfully Applying Numerous PowerVision® Techniques to Create Your Ultimate Vision In Life!


80’s & 90’s Original Classic Version

Presented by Visualization Expert, Carole Dore MP3 or CDs

Essential Guidelines are Provided for Clarification, Accelerated Manifestation, and for the Removal of Blockages -ENABLING YOUR FULL VISION TO BECOME A REALITY!

The Objective of this Powerful Workshop… is to integrate the PowerVision Dynamics’ teaching while providing in-depth guidelines for applying numerous Intensified PowerVision» processes to create a specific large sum of money to empower your Success – and to create your Greatest Vision in Life.

The Intensified Prosperity Workshop is solidly filled with a wealth of powerful guidelines, training, and imperative explanations. The strategic instruction and procedures are an invaluable support system that will propel you forward to a brand new level of living! It is strategically designed to dramatically expand your consciousness to encompass MILLIONS OF DOLLARS while providing guidance and inspiration to use an assortment of accelerated PowerVision® techniques to create all areas of YOUR ULTIMATE VISION IN LIFE!


  • Provides refinement, clarification, and strategic guidance to create a Prosperous and Fulfilling Lifestyle!
  • Dramatically expands your consciousness to encompass Millions of Dollars!
  • Enables you to easily gain clarity for creating and embodying your fufj vision in life!
  • Removes Blockages!
  • Teaches invaluable guidelines to consistently stay at a High Vibration and to experience Power in your Life!
  • Supports you in MASTERING all of the PowerVision techniques toward creating Financial Abundance and a Full and Enriching Life!

This life-changing workshop will not only enable you to gain MASTERY in skillfully using the Law of Attraction, it will keep you continually energized, motivated, inspired, enlightened, laughing, and captivated as Carole Dore clarifies and explains one profound concept after another!

The teaching within The Intensified Prosperity Workshop is the most essential because all of the creative principles are taught at an even deeper level while blockages toward money, plus everything else, are swiftly removed along the wav – resulting in clear and enhanced creativity.

(You will be happy to discover that this alignment will dramatically affect all of the other areas of your life as well – from relationships to weight loss!)

The Intensified Prosperity Workshop embellishes and expands upon everything that is taught in the audio program, Visualization – The Power Of Your Heart! and in The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST! (or audiobook). It integrates the PowerVision« guidelines and provides refinement, plus it supports you in gaining clarity to create a life without limits and gives you the skill to apply numerous PowerVision« techniques to create Tremendous Wealth and YOUR ULTIMATE VISION IN LIFE!

The Ultimate Way to Gain Your Power – and to Clarify and Supercharge Your Vision for a Prosperous and Enriching Life!


All Classes are Enhanced with

Intensified PowerVision® Techniques, Examples, and Guidelines!

Class I:

  • This life-changing class sets a powerful guideline for this entire eight-part Mastery Workshop. Strategic PowerVision® techniques are provided for you to LAY A TREMENDOUS FOUNDATION FOR YOUR ULTIMATE VISION while enabling you to create a specific large sum of money to support your success in life.
  • Although the objective of this course is to obtain mastery over money, you will be happy to discover that, because of your expanded consciousness and the removal of blockages, all areas of your life will be affected as well – from relationships to weight loss!

Class II:

  • The first half of this class provides essential clarification of the PowerVision« techniques.
  • Major blockages concerning money are removed in the second half!

Class III:

  •  Further refinement and clarification of the creative process and PowerVision® techniques is given.
  • The second half of this class removes one of the greatest blockages In people’s lives!

Class IV:

  • Invaluable insights concerning money are revealed while core blockages are removed!
  • An enriching, fun expansion process is provided during the second half.

Class V:

  • THE MOST IMPORTANT CLASS! Advanced, Inspired instruction is given to empower you to consistently stay connected at a powerful High Vibrational Energy and to experience total exhilaration!

Class VI:

  • PRECISE step-by-step, guidelines for using the Law of Attraction to Win the Lotto!
  • THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT CLASS: Falling Apart – Falling Together!

How to powerfully, skillfully, and successfully move from one level of living to the next plateau!

Class VII:

Detailed instruction and essential refinement of the Law of Attraction is provided!

  • Clarification of the feeling area,
  • Refined guidelines to successfully achieve the manifestation of your vision in life
  •  How to access and maintain a High Vibration

Class VIII:

  • This first part of this enlightening class teaches advanced metaphysics. Included Is a profound explanation of the Unification of the 3rd and 4th Dimensions with the Illumination of the 5th.
  • The second half of this class is an overall review to insure total understanding of all the guidelines taught in this Intensified eight-week Workshop.
  • The conclusion of this class will keep you laughing all during the ending process and celebration!



8 Classes: 3 Hours each (24 Hours Total)

Best segments from Intensified Prosperity Workshops given In 80’s and 90’s – producing one MAJOR Workshop. Yet it sounds like it all happened at the same time. Very Special, Invaluable and Timeless!


  • Over 100 Pages of Corresponding Detailed PowerVision® Guidelines!
  • Strategic, step-by-step, Instruction by Carole Dore!
  • The Intensified Money Manifestation Steps!
  • The Wealth Audio Technique!
  • And MUCH More!


  • I won $12,500 by the fifth class! – Tracy George
  • I was bankrupt and didn’t have any money…but by the end of the last class I had $15,000 and I had moved.- Gene Baker
  • I got $10,000 in the mail before the second class. ~ Susan Christopher
  • I had $300,000 by the last class, to back me in my business venture., and I had over a million dollars a year later by the time my store was built. – Cathy Steitz-Santos
  • I keep getting checks in the mail all of the time. I just received $6,500 – and I’m only in the 6th class! ~ Rebecca Lyon
  • It’s a – hold on, fasten you seat belt type, your life will change dramatically – course. – Kay Henderson
  • I was always so busy and frustrated and angry in my job. Now I feel light, time has expanded, everyone tells me I look younger, and my real estate business is absolutely flourishing. And the best thing -all of the business is coming to me! – Pat Gifford
  • I was like a robot. It taught me how to get in touch with a part of myself that I never even knew existed. ~ Robert Ippoiito
  • It enabled me to let go of the past. – Ron Salter
  • My relationship area changed…and this person is so much better than the one that left that it’s amazing! – Michelle Ebbecke
  • It was like taking the leaves off an artichoke , where I got in touch with the heart and the core of my being. ~ Bill Mallegg
  • It gave me powerful tools to work with…and it taught me how to precisely use those tools as well as all of the tools that I have ever been taught. ~ Esther Rivera
  • Gaining clarity is easy now and I’ve learned to trust my feelings. – Haven Robinson
  • It gave me total confidence in myself. I now know that I can go out and do anything that I want to do!! – Joan Dolan
  • It was an awakening…it gave me a complete understanding of the Power! ~ Laura Magga
  • When I began using your Intensified audio program, I owned my own housecleaning business and carried a line of nutritional supplements, but I was not fulfilled in my life’s work. Your Prosperity Workshop removed my blockages and enabled me to live a high vibrational lifestyle, and I then became clear in identifying my goals and establishing a vision for my future.

The results were phenomenal from going through the Intensified Workshopl Every aspect of my life has changed for the better. My self-esteem, personality, appearance, health, finances, career, relationships, possessions and goals have exceeded my wildest dreams. I attended schools for massage therapy and continued on the holistic path and studied for my masters and then achieved doctorate status in natural health. I also sing, dance and act which helps keep the high vibrational energy going. Furthermore, my first book was recently published. You have been influential In my journey toward finding my purpose and achieving my goals. I thank the Universe for leading me to you.

You are one of my angels here on earth.

» Carl Madina • Author of “Mind Trek, My Journey from Panic to Peace ”

  • Breakthrough…drum roll puleeeze.J paid all my bills without blinking an eye!!! Oh what a grand feeling this is!!! I sent my love along with the payment and thanked the Universe for trusting me with this money.

I just had to tell you about another breakthrough!! AWESOME!!! I am on round two of the Intensified Prosperity audios and it’s sooo much better! Also, now I have “friends” in these classes…so as I listen late at night, it’s very comfy.

Oh, finding you was bliss!!!! It’s soooo good to be able to share ideas and experiences with my friends, who are also going through your program. We are going to go to a movie tonight and bend that spoon!

– Karin Henderson • Canada

  • I wasn’t one of your star pupils. However, I set a short-term goal of ten thousand dollars by the end of the year. It was around Thanksgiving and this was a large vision for me since I don’t work and caring for my mother who had stroke made doing things very difficult. I bought a bankmptcy that tanked at 75c a share and then it spiked to $5.00. I made $10,400!! Thank you so much! – David Williams • San Francisco




Carole Doré is an international speaker, popular radio and television talk show guest, and is the author of The Emergency Handbook For Getting Money FAST! She is widely recognized as the leading authority of Visualization and is the founder of PowerVision Dynamics.


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Intensified Prosperity by Carole Dore