Introduction to Mesmerism and Quantum Magnetic Gaze by Marco Paret



Marco Paret Introduction to Mesmerism and Quantum Magnetic Gaze

 Introduction to Mesmerism and Quantum Magnetic Gaze by Marco Paret

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A00 Introduction Video

This video will help you gain the right mindset to practice Mesmerismus™. This course will give you the correct training to develop your own personal magnetism. Developing magnetism means developing the natural energy that lies wihin all of us. The methods we will use are direct and practical. They involve simply yourself and the use of your natural vitality.

A13 Quantum Magnetic Gaze (Fundamental)

A video on classical magnetism. The subject feels the hands and has even the impression of “seeing” them even with closed eyes.

A very important exercise on MAGNETIC GAZE with a beginner practising. Practice until you become proficient

To «fascinate» bears the connotation of “producing a spellbinding effect or enchanting through one’s look or speech”.

By means of this organ, in fact, astonishing results can be achieved. The influence exercised by man over another member of the species is no doubt the product of a multiplicity of causes, yet no one of those underlying causes is comparable, in terms of its potency, to the one possessed by the look. Our thought, too, is influenced by the look. The very phrase “vision of the world” is traceable back precisely to that reality. After all, even in the most mundane aspects of human life, we are accustomed to judge on the basis of the outward appearance. We create a certain opinion of one person firstly on the basis of his physiognomy and, secondly, on the basis of what dress he is wearing. For sure, speech helps fashion ideas and beliefs, but what happens when such action is not validated by one’s look? When one listens to a person without seeing him, the content of what he is saying is only understood by creating some mental images, imaginary mental images. Words gain in potency when they are backed up by the look.

A proficient orator deliberately trains the way he looks at the audience in order to lend greater force and persuasive efficacy to his verbalizations.

In the course of this book, we shall discover how such a force is susceptible of being developed by recourse to a self-disciplining method. Indeed, already when we limit ourselves to looking around without any specific purpose, even without any specific instructions, we are in fact communicating a myriad of different messages.

If, however, we develop conscious awareness of what we do, we will manage to ultimately learn how to subjugate these energies possessed by the look. Indeed, in extreme circumstances, the ability we will have gained thereby is going to extend, in the sphere of interpersonal relationships, to the power to “enchant” whoever watches us, to create “an instantaneous hypnosis”; at the same time, from the viewpoint of the receptive side of looks, we will understand and perceive many more things than those we would otherwise regard as possible.

Another result, one more closely connected to everyday life, is to learn to use the power of the eye so as to develop your Presence, Status, Prestige, Charm, Self-caring, Charisma, and Leadership, up to the point that you literally become capable of hypnotizing and magnetizing whichever person is watching you.

Attractive charm, according to the ancient way of looking at things, is in fact “a far-reaching power that is exercised by a look over another look, one charged with such a force that whoever was subjected to it was unable to extricate his self from it, and was accordingly compelled to be fascinated by it”.


This document has answers for most of the commonly asked questions we receive. Please contact us here if you have any additional questions.


An historical account of the most influential people who developed and practiced Mesmerism.


One of our masters, Prof. Erminio from Pisa, was able to heal diseases and overcome physical problems even through the look alone. He was gifted with an unbelievable rapidity, so that, within the space of a few seconds, he would succeed in extirpating every symptom of such disorders. He had been left as the only surviving practitioner of such a bewildering  technique in the whole of Italy…


Information, history and practice of fascination. In the course of this document, we shall discover how such a force is susceptible of being developed by recourse to a self-disciplining method.


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Introduction to Mesmerism and Quantum Magnetic Gaze by Marco Paret