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Inventory, Expense & Payroll Fraud

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Oh how do I love thee ….. let me count the ways.  Oh how can I steal from thee —- the ways cannot be numbered!  This program is a very condensed presentation on some of the more common ways that inventory, expense and payroll fraud can be committed.  We could talk all day and still not cover all of the ways.  Inventory fraud is one of my favorite ways to steal ….. because it’s so easy …. and we’ll talk about how and why.  And unless we get really greedy, we can probably get away with it for years!  And then there’s expense fraud!  Depending on the circumstances, there are usually so many opportunities to commit fraud that it’s hard to choose just one …. so we often steal three or four ways!  And lastly, there’s payroll fraud.   Depending on the circumstances, there can be significant opportunities related to payroll fraud.  We’ll talk about those circumstance and how we, I mean a fraudster, could take advantage of them.  After attending this presentation, you may not look at any of these three areas the same.

Basic Course Information

Learning Objectives

  • Recognizing opportunity
  • Identifying indicators of fraud
  • Relying less on documentation rather than what supports it
  • Identify unusual transactions
  • Justifying overtime
  • Rationalization of expenses

Major Subjects

  • Auditing
  • Fraud



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Inventory, Expense & Payroll Fraud

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