ISHA V8.0 Fx Indicator MT4


ISHA V8.0 Fx Indicator MT4

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ISHA INDICATOR, Most Downloaded Fx Indicator 2020, UNIQUE Non-Repaint Indicator For All Your Fx Trading Needs.

In Comparison To Other Indicators On The Market, ISHA INDICATOR Is Very Easy To Understand And User Friendly, As Well As Carefully Coded And Selected Based On Best Performance In Terms Of Profit Making And Drawdowns.

It has the fewest possible drawbacks.

Many top traders have tested and approved ISHA, and it has a success rate of more than 70%.

Before streamlining the ISHA INDICATOR, we ran several backtests on it.


*MT4 is used.

*Includes all currency pairs.

*All Timelines

*Receive notifications on your mobile device as well as your desktop computer (PC/LAPTOP).

*A winning percentage of greater than 70%.

*Infinite Access.

*Ability to Research Winning Trades Throughout History

*Ideal for both professionals and beginners.

*Unlike robots, you decide whether or not to trade the signal.

*Alerts with sound.

*Free Pdf Guidelines (Activation of Phone Notifications)

*Free Pdf Instructions (Setting Adjustments To Maximize The Result)


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ISHA V8.0 Fx Indicator MT4