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J. Clark – Combat Shotgun

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J.Clark Combat ShotgunCompetition practice is an excellent training ground for self-defense shooting techniques.
Jim Clark is one of the world’s best all around practical competition shooters; equally adept at pistol, rifle and shotgun.
But, if you were to isolate one of his talents above all the rest, it would be his ability to handle, operate and shoot the combat shotgun.
Clark possesses an almost unnatural ability to shoot the shotgun both fast and extremely accurately.
In this program he discusses the modifications he has done to his shotgun and how to setup your shotgun, shooting on the move, basic and advanced reloading techniques, and the fundamentals of stance, grip, using the sights and trigger pull.
Plus, Jim Clark demonstrates some incredible shooting that will amaze and entertain you and your friends!



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J. Clark – Combat Shotgun