J.L. Isidro – Professional Bodyguard


J.L. Isidro – Professional Bodyguard

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A complete project of long duration in which Master Isidro Casas, 7th
degree black belt in Aikido and security expert, presents us with a
specific program for professionals who dedicate themselves to protecting
people. We will study the tactical principles, high-level police Aikido
techniques, defense protocols, accompaniment and evacuation of the VIP,
defense from vehicles, extreme driving techniques, getting out of a car
in motion, and shooting practice from the vehicle, as well as how to
confront the diverse ways of ambush that a terrorist or organized
criminal might execute, whether standing or in vehicles, through
kidnapping or attack drills with real opponents. An excellent teaching
tool for the professionals in the sector. – Languages included in video download format: English, Español, Deutsch, Italiano, Français



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J.L. Isidro – Professional Bodyguard