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Jason Delucia studied aikido, pankraes (mixfighting), and the five animal kungfu style.
Participated in numerous mikfight competitions, including 34 wins in Japan ( 7 by knockout, 13 by painful, the rest is the decision of the judges)
21 was defeated by a draw.
His website contains detailed statistics (even the winning technique is indicated)

Since what Delucia shows is a workable aikido adapted for mixfight-type fights and focused primarily on surrendering the opponent from painful, rather than its destruction, the traditional name of the techniques is not always given, and a number of techniques are more likely from Daito-ryu, rather than aikido.

Jason Delucia’s Combat Aikido DVD 1: Competitive Entries

steps, entry, elbow control (ikkyo), throw on four sides (shiho nage) in traditional and mix fight execution, wrist and forearm control (sankyo), protection against boxing attacks, throw in entry (irimi nage), exercises on processing entries

Jason Delucia’s Combat Aikido DVD 2: Attack – Counterattack

throwing on four sides, throwing over the thigh (koshi nage), throwing through the impact on the elbow (ude kime nage), throws on entry with a turn, practicing movements (sabaki)

Jason Delucia’s Combat Aikido DVD 3: Mat Work the Ancient Way

Daito-ryu (aiki age and kata kuruma), applying the first control (ikkyo) in the clinch, tsuki irimi and tsuki irimi kaeshi, using the first control while riding, using the third control to release from suffocation

Jason Delucia’s Combat Aikido DVD 4: Classic Submissions

Exits from the first control to painful ones on the elbow and neck, several ju-jutsu techniques such as arm leverage, intertwined arm throw (kami shiho ude garami), and various adaptations of traditional techniques for mixfighting positions

Jason Delucia’s Combat Aikido DVD 5: Striking Throws

Triangle entry, triangle entry throws, judo waki gatame, shoulder entry throw, elbow impact, mountain storm throw, and a four-sided variation
The language is English.


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Jason Delucia – Combat Aikido