Jess Marion – Conversational Hypnotic Regression



Jess Marion – Conversational Hypnotic Regression

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Your Complete Guide To Effective Hypnotic Regression Work 

In This Video Training You Will Discover 

  • The neuroscience of memory and principles that underlay hypnotic regression work so that you can be confident that your regression work is helping clients to rewrite their pasts in a way that creates more freedom now 
  • The science behind false memories and the ‘Misinformation Effect’ so that you can safely use regressions in a way that is client centered 
  • The myth of the Initial Sensitizing Event (ISE) and why you do not need to find one
  • The 3 instances where your client’s unconscious mind is inviting you to use hypnotic regression 
  • When not to do regressions 
  • The core conversational regression pattern 
  • How to clean up multiple memories quickly through the use of deep trance and hypnotic phenomena in the Unconscious Reimprinting pattern 
  • The secret behind Milton Erickson’s ‘Early Learning Set’ and how you can use it for both generative and therapeutic change 
  •  How to reimprint implicit memories, memories stored in the body without conscious content
  • And much more

For Only $397 You Will Get: 

  • Over 9 hours of video training 
  • Video Demonstrations of 6 different regression techniques 
  • Bonus video explanation and demo of the Smoking Destroyer
  • Bonus FREE copy of “Conversational Regression” 
  • Bonus recording of a follow up Q&A 
  • Bonus copy of the course manual



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Jess Marion – Conversational Hypnotic Regression