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Introduce about Cultivating Confidence

You may think confidence is something other people have. Maybe you tell yourself old stories about “not being good enough,” always comparing yourself to people who seem to “have it all.” Or maybe you’re just indecisive, constantly paralyzed by uncertainty and self-doubt.

The truth is confidence is NOT something you’re born with. Confidence is created.

The best part is there are simple, easy steps to make confidence a permanent part of your life

Confidence is a peaceful, powerful state of being. A state where everything just flows for you, where the right ideas and the right actions come naturally. In that place, you have nothing to hide and nothing to prove. Let’s see if we can create absolute confidence in just a few minutes.

Who is Jesse Elder?

Jesse Elder is a martial arts fanatic, business advisor, personal development coach, and a student of life. Jesse built and sold a successful line of martial arts training schools, and he now works with some of the most successful people in the world at developing and stretching their capacity for abundance.

He works with millionaires and multi-millionaires to help them get to the next level. Listen closely as Jesse explains why making something NORMAL is the key to achieving it

Your mindset has everything to do with the results that you’re getting in your life. Not getting the results you want? Change your thoughts. The rest will come.

Jesse recently discovered how much of an impact his message can make when he started his Mind Vitamin video series.


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Jesse Elder – Cultivating Confidence