Jim Grover – Combatives for Street Survival


Jim Grover – Combatives for Street Survival

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 Jim Grover – Index Positions, The Guard and Combative Strikes – vol 1.avi (945.78 MB)

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reviewing introductory concepts such as index positions; various footwork and blocks; defensive skills; hand, elbow, and knee strikes; and kicks. The second disc explores how to counter attacks by armed assailants, illustrating scenarios such as pistol attacks to the abdomen and head as well as from behind, slashing knife attacks and bludgeon attacks, and how to use the jugular and clavicle notch as advantages in a counterattack. Take-down tools, situational “self-offense” scenarios, and full-speed sparring demonstrations are also included, broken down for easy understanding and application to individual training. The third and final disc explores combative principles that apply to nearly every attack scenario, incorporating how to effectively train with a partner for maximum street-fighting efficacy and the psychological dynamics of conflict for hard-hitting retaliation within legal limits. Six real-world scenarios depict the “do” and “don’t” mandates for surviving assaults in parking lots, loading zones, stairways, kitchens, and inside cars.


Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann, Personal Security columnist for Guns and Ammo magazine, is a world-renowned expert on close combat, counter-terrorism, executive protection and firearms tactics


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Jim Grover – Combatives for Street Survival