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Jim Grover – Inside the Crucible

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  1. Kelly McCann, who also uses the pseudonym Jim Grover, is a former US Marine officer and the founder and former owner of Crucible Security Specialists located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Crucible is a GSA approved facility which provides high-risk environment training and security services to the US Government and armed forces. McCann is a writer and has appeared as a commentator on US Cable News Channels such as Fox and CNN. In 2012 McCann created the Kembativz Brand, LLC with Michelle Washington. The company focuses on teaching individual protective measures to civilians and corporate clients. Kembativz Brand still includes several government agencies and law enforcement organizations among their clients. Kembativz Brand has conducted training across the US and internationally for various groups, agencies, corporations and LEO’s.

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Jim Grover, aka Kelly McCann, Personal Security columnist for Guns and Ammo magazine, is a world-renowned expert on close combat, counter-terrorism, executive protection and firearms tactics


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Jim Grover – Inside the Crucible