Joe Lauzon – Ultimate Grappling Hacks DVD 1



Joe Lauzon – Ultimate Grappling Hacks DVD 1

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When you combine Joe’s aggressive approach, in which he is always hunting for the finish and chains his strikes together, you will begin to overwhelm your opponent and force them to submit.

Joe Lauzon’s System will allow you to put so much pressure on your opponent (whether they are a BJJ or MMA fighter) that they will make a mistake and let you to finish.

There is no filler at all. Joe just used his top hacks from each position… It may only be two hacks in one position, but they are the two that he effectively employs every time he competes!

Because no one is used to defending Joe’s game, even veteran black belts frequently make “rookie” blunders when these hacks are deployed… This is a solid strategy to obtain a stronger position and/or a submission while leaving folks perplexed.

For everyone that trains, the first part of the training is pure No Gi Grappling Hacks! Joe’s Hacks will take you to the next level whether you are a novice, purple belt, or even a black belt!

The course’s second half focuses on grappling for MMA or self-defense!

He demonstrates how to employ ground hitting to build up passes and submissions (and even finish the fight.) 80% of his MMA grappling can be applied to ordinary no gi jiu jitsu!

You can obtain this entire system for the first time ever unveiled right now in this special launch bonus limited time chance…

Part 1 of the Ultimate Grappling Hacks DVD

Fundamentals of the Butterfly Guard
The God Cleanse
Double Over Hook Ideas
All Controls Double Over Hook Sweeps Concept
Lower Body Control Over Under Alternatives
Sweep Top Body Lock Butterfly
Shiny Shins Lock it with a pop.
Sequence of Sit to Hip Pass to Half BJ Penn Pass
Bottom Half Guard Knee Bar Sweep Butterfly Escape to “Instant Sweep”
Half of a butterfly Back control from Kimura to Straight Armlock
Hacks for Seatbelt to “Onion” Grip Rear Naked Choke
Hacks for Short Chokes
Stretch Them Out\s“Broke Back Mount”\sStraight Jacket Back Control


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Joe Lauzon – Ultimate Grappling Hacks DVD 1