John Danaher – Feet To Floor: Volume 1 Vol.3-4


John Danaher – Feet To Floor: Volume 1 Vol.3-4

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Study how every BJJ student should be fighting on the feet, with this innovative system for transitioning feet to floor with Professor John Danaher.

Learn what John’s new philosophy on pulling guard is, and how any student can use this for real results.
Use a unique BJJ-based approach to get the fight to the floor, instead of just copying wrestling or judo, and unlock techniques and combinations you’ve never seen before.
Move directly into positions you can attack from immediately, with Professor Danaher’s new methodology for training from the feet.
Counter and stop pesky guard pullers with these techniques to keep your advantage early in top position.
Convert common moves from the mat to your feet, as you learn how some simple sweeps can work as takedowns and more.
Professor John Danaher is considered by many to be the greatest grappling coach in the world, with elite championship students like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, and Garry Tonon.
Know more. Win more.

Part 3:

The Third Precursor Skill of Standing Position: Motion
Moving for a Purpose
The Puppet Principle
The Grip and Move Principle
The Fourth Precursor Skill of Standing Position: Kuzushi/Breaking Stance
The Four Golden Opportunities of Kuzushi
Fifth Precursor Skill Of Standing: Position
The 5 Minimum Requirements As You Begin Your Journey In The Standing Position
#1 Prerequisite Skills
#2 Front Takedowns
#3 Rear Takedowns
#4 Pulling Guard
#5 Countering a Guard Pull

Part 4:

4 Front Takedowns
Your First Front Takedown Selection
Collar Drag/Uki Waza
The Collar Drag As Your First Jiu Jitsu Takedown
Power Hand and Control Hand for Collar Drag
The Leg Action of the Collar Drag: Uki Waza or Single Slide
Heavy Hand on the Cross Lapel
High Head
The Forward Rock
Body Position & Angle for the Collar Drag
The 3 Targets of the Collar Drag
The Greatest Disadvantage of the Collar Drag
Attacking Off The Grip
Working From Grip Fight
Straight Cuff
Movement As a Distraction
Collar Drag from Kenka-Yotsu: Cuff Method
Collar Drag from Kenka-Yotsu: Cross Grip
Combining the Collar Drag with Other Attacks
Half Sasae into Collar Drag
Seoi Snap into Collar Drag
Two on One Cross Collar Snap Into Collar Drag
Failed Cross Osoto-Gari into Collar Drag
Failed Kouchi-Gari into Collar Drag
Failed Ankle Pick into Collar Drag
Double Drag
Working the Interface Between Feet & Floor
A Big Advantage of the Collar Drag Over Other Takedown Methods
The Great Relationship Between the Collar Drag, the Single Leg, & The Back



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John Danaher – Feet To Floor: Volume 1 Vol.3-4