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What’s in it:

1) Class 1: Intent and Rapport – The Subconscious 9-Year-Old – Perfect Place and Container – Core Rapport – The Secret of True Intent – Ignoring The Unpredictable

2) Class 2: Attracting the Right People – Hypothesis – Games and Experiments Giving Things to People – Observation – Parrot Rapport and the Big Question Mark

3) Class 3: Belief Buckets – Behaviors – Experiences and Memories – Leveling the Playing Field – Telling the Best Stories – Absolute Truths – Subconscious Dominance Moments – Silence, Confusion, or the Pattern Interrupt – Using Emotion – Peripheral Players

4) Elevator Pitch, Social Reciprocation, and The Hypnotic Word!

5) Class 5: Repetition – Anchoring – Fascination – K.I.S.S. – Installation – Awe Rapport – Give Don’t Sell – The Confidence Trick – The Give Me More Pattern – The Emotional Tools of Influence

Except for Class 5, all classes include a Q&A session.

“Who else want Respect, Status, Admiration, Trust, and even Money? These are the tokens of appreciation you will receive for positively influencing and improving people’s lives and having the time to enjoy the benefits.”

You discovered all of this and more with your Svengali System, the simple technique to hypnotically influence others.

Improve people’s lives so they will return the favor.
Make others feel good around you so that they would offer you what you require.
Individuals buy from people they like and trust.
The best marketing is word of mouth.
It feels nice to make people happy.
Controlling how to convince and influence the proper individuals has never been simpler.

I frequently wonder how a coal miner’s kid from the industrial Midlands of Britain ended up living on the English Riviera and at the top of his game after leading a life that would kill most people. To think about it, it did kill me!

The truth is that I had individuals around me who did things for me. Almost whatever I asked them to do, whenever I asked them to do it. I attributed it to my disability and the “Awww” element, but it has nothing to do with that; it’s far more basic, and anyone can do it.

Just one word from me, and…

I’ve always had the capacity to get people to do things, not only as a hypnotist, but in general. And I never had to think about it until I started teaching!

So I suppose it was inevitable that I become a hypnotist and polished those inherent persuasion talents to the point where practically anything was feasible to obtain – money when I needed it – company of some kind – professional achievement. Yes, I had everything but F.I.S.H., which stands for Fulfillment, Inspiration, Satisfaction, and Happiness.

That occurred when I realized that it isn’t only about achieving what I want; it is about about

They Get What They Want.

Like you, I used to believe that Covert Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, and NLP were all about control and manipulation, and I employed them accordingly. It was simple. I never gave it much attention until someone asked how I did it…

Nothing sharpens your innate talent like having to teach it to others. And I enjoy teaching. For me, the most fantastic method to give and get FISH is to put something into your learning mind so you can obtain what you desire.

However, as a non-academic who prefers to play rather than work, the key for me was that it had to meet my criterion of being…

Simple, enjoyable, and effective

Okay, so the title and headline may deter you from running down to the bottom of the page and securing your spot on this learning journey; if they do, this product isn’t for you. It’s also not for you if you believe it will just give you power over people or make them obey your every evil whim.

This Unique Product Is For You If You Are Excited By The Idea Of Playing And Experimenting With Mental Stuff That Enhances The Experience Of Life In Easy, Fun, And Effective Ways For The Benefit Of You And The People You’ll Come To Influence, And There Are More Of Those Than You Think And Less Than You Are Told By Some So-Called ‘Experts’. However, if you focus correctly, you won’t even notice those, which is quite simple.

And I’m guessing you’re seeking for a simple, enjoyable, and efficient technique to achieve what you want by talking with others and benefitting them in such a manner that they feel encouraged to give you what you want.

Stay with me, and I’ll explain why I keep the profanity to a minimum:

You might expect respect, status, admiration, trust, and even money as tokens of appreciation for improving their life experience.
It is installed – you will not need to work or study, and you will not require any special language skills.
‘Trance’ Is Not Involved In The Process
Normal skills that you already have must be activated via play and experimentation.
The best way to make things simple is to keep it simple.
The Subconscious, often known as the 9-year-old brat, may be tamed, and people can be positively influenced.

The conventional perspective of hypnosis, particularly covert conversational and concealed hypnosis, is one of unlimited control – here’s a little-known fact:

Total control is never achieved!

Consider how often elections are ever won by a landslide. How many adverts persuade you to buy only one product? Don’t you believe that if there were such guaranteed success ways, everyone would use them?

You, like me, are skeptical of the promise of unlimited control and influence. It makes no sense. And history shows that it doesn’t.

When I was a stage hypnotist, the idea of banging a whole audience under the influence, going to the bar for a chat with the barmaid, and then waking them up at the end of the night telling them what a fantastic show they’d been watching was a pipe dream that I could never achieve, despite trying hundreds of times.


The fact is that at any one time, you can virtually always ensure that 20% of individuals, or one in every five, are instantaneously receptive to suggestion and influence, and that 20% are not, and that the other 60% can be persuaded to join those who are.

I haven’t met everyone in the world yet, so I’m based this on my own experience of hypnotizing a few tens of thousands of individuals in front of millions of live witnesses and convincing them they were eating exquisite fruit instead of the hot, stinky, and raw onions I’d given them.

The majority of people may be directly influenced.

In most social, personal, commercial, and yes, even technological Interweb contacts, a ‘hot hit rate’ of more than 60% of persons being positively impacted is far closer to the real verified facts.

100% However, that sounds like too much hard work to me, and while I’m the lazy B’stard in the title, I’ve had a terrific time guiding hundreds of people to get more out of this Great Game Called Life!

So. . .

I’m content.

On a good day, which most are when you’re surrounded by others having a good time, that figure jumps to over 80%. That’s accurate, cheerful people with lots of Dopamine are more receptive to proposals and more inclined to embrace the excellent and enjoyable ones. However, you must be cautious of what other individuals believe to be enjoyable!

You do not require any special language abilities.

You’ve probably heard of intricate linguistic patterns and imbedded doo-dahs and wotsits that, when learned, appear to be Magic Spells that force people to follow you.

The trouble is, I’m not sure if that’s true.

Despite the fact that I’ve been a full-time hypnotist for longer than any language specialists I’ve met have been alive, I’ve never felt anything other than bloody dumb while utilizing these unnatural and difficult for me language patterns.

At the age of 15, I left school with a huge grin and a sigh from the instructors to work in a factory by day and as a roadie by night, so formal schooling didn’t last long for me.

To be honest, I once appeared as a guest at an NLP lecture and bluffed my way through an hour of discussing Ericksonian language patterns.

So, when I was persuaded – yeah, it works both ways – to create this learning experience for you, I purposefully left out everything I hadn’t used to overcome opposition and pretty much succeed in creating great results anytime I needed to.

‘Trance’ Is Not Involved In The Process

Being a bit of a rebel Trance, in my opinion, is not hypnosis. Yes, hypnosis may induce trance, but it is not the same thing, and a hypnotist can do practically anything that you can within real trance.

As trance isn’t the objective of anything that is intended to be sly and covert and perceived as perfectly regular discourse by spectators, I believe having individuals around you go into cataleptic swoons is a little suspect.

The question is, when does the hypnosis occur?

Normal Skills Only Need to Be Enabled

Anyone may become a hypnotist. In reality, the majority of individuals are. Although not everyone is as receptive to your tactics as a hungry Hippo’s mouth, anybody and everyone can easily toss some food in to satisfy and feed the hungry minds of those who literally want you to feed them.

You already influence and persuade an incredible number of people; the intriguing thing is that most of the time neither of you is aware of it.

When you enable DELIBERATE INFLUENCE AND INTENT, you may pick when it happens and what the outcome will be.

Experimentation and play are essential.

“WORK” is a derogatory term. Far worse than the *F* word, the *B* word, or, dare I say, the *C* word.

Work only works when it is repeated. We have a work learning curve that resembles the North Face of K2!

However, most of us can learn to play any game in seconds. I recall being astounded when seeing my youngest kid James.

For four years, he struggled mightily to obtain Algebra and, like his father, failed! Despite this, he was able to figure out his PS2 games and all the calculations and coordination required in five minutes of testing.

Even as an adult, you learn more on the playground by exploring and trying things out than you do in the classroom.

And if you’re playing instead of being stealthy, sneaky, and ‘intellectual,’ no one will ever catch you!

The best way to make things simple is to keep it simple.

When I got down to think out the best method to install this things for you, the first thing that sprang to mind was that it had to be EASY!

That is, it must be possible by your subconscious, which is best compared to a brilliant 9-year-old child. Yes, it is!

Consider how it behaves when your logical process is ignored. How juvenile are you when you have a fight, don’t get your way, or do something stupid like play sports or have sex?

We won’t even go into what occurs when the brain becomes inebriated and immature emotions take control.

You’re not doing it. Definitely not. You’re doing it without consciously thinking about it, much like operating a vehicle or a jet ski; it’s your subconscious doing it, thus the easier the better!

And, in my experience and in the books I write, the greatest approach to make this easy for you is to reduce something down to what works.

“Everything should be as simple as possible.”

Einstein, Albert

The Subconscious 9-Year-Old Brat Can Be Tamed

The Subconscious is the 9-year-old brat at the heart of all influence and persuasion.

And by using the Svengali System, you can tame and train others to do things without thinking, just like they do all the time, and it’s your stuff they want to do.

I’ve spent the last 30 years or so convincing people’s 9-year-olds to play My Games – some of them pretty strange years – and now you have that experience working for you!

You will not be required to work or study.

So I’m not going to pretend you don’t have to do anything. Of course you’re doing things. Even a Wii requires you to plug it in, and Skydiving is a disaster if you don’t practice pulling the ring thing.

That is why you have Action Sheets so you know what to do and when to do it.

Sure, you accomplish things, but it isn’t job or study. Those are for the theorists, and I’m a realist.

The appropriate method to accomplish this is to take roughly three weeks to go through the course and let it all SINK IN; it’s a listen and watch and forget about it approach.

Like me, you experiment with it after the first listen and end up utilizing the entire thing at the end of a week.



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