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In the Course in Courage, you will:

Discover the secrets to harnessing your untapped energy
Cultivate the power of grace in your life
Learn to keep your heart engaged during challenging situations
Get clear on your purpose of being
Ignite your passion, and apply it to your everyday life
Learn what you can do daily to fuel your courage
Access and maintain your authentic power
Transform your relationship with obstacles
Align with your unique gifts
Speak your truth, while remaining compassionate
Transform mistakes into opportunities for magic
Learn how to set boundaries in service to courage
Connect more deeply to your identity as an agent of change
Learn to live “on purpose,” in ways that life aligns with YOU

What You’ll Learn in These 7 Sessions
In this 7-module intensive, Julia Butterfly Hill will teach you how to activate your authentic courage and infuse your life with more purpose and passion to become a soul-powered agent for positive change.

Each module, inquiry and practice session will build harmoniously upon the next, so that you’ll develop a complete understanding of the practices, tools and principles you’ll need to access, sustain and master the power of courage in your life.

Module 1: Finding the Miraculous in You
(Recorded on May 29, 2014)

In a production-driven society, we are often like compasses with no magnet telling us which way to go. In this session, you’ll begin the exploration of uncovering your inner magnetic “true North” – which will help you align your life with your unique purpose, passion and authentic courageous power. You will:

Gain a new perspective on the reasons why you may be playing small
Discover the true power that comes from who you are being and what you are choosing
Learn how to live “on purpose,” so that life aligns with YOU
Discover how finding your “true North” can help you say “YES” to new opportunities for taking action
Find out how reclaiming your truest Self can unlock your unique gifts, so you are free to make your best contribution to our world
Module 2: Cultivating a State of Grace at Your Growing Edge (Recorded on June 5, 2014)

When you begin the process of finding your truest calling and purpose, you may only see where your life is NOT working. In this session, you’ll discover why this is a great place to be – because you are standing at your “growing edge,” where you are ready to embrace something new and bigger. And you’ll learn how to cultivate deep grace, compassion and courage when you find yourself on this precipice. You will:

Discover the nuances of your “growing edge” – the space where where you are willing to expand beyond the bounds of comfort and self-preservation – into the unknown
Learn to play and approach your growing edge with patience, curiosity and openness
Understand the importance of operating from a place of responsibility, power and love – instead of fear, complaint, judgment or anger
Explore how your outer world can be a reflection of who you are on the inside, rather than having your outer world dictate who you ARE on the inside
Find out how you can cultivate grace in the space between who you have been and who you know you could be
Learn how having grace and compassion with others can fill your reservoir of courage

Module 3: Letting Your Heart Lead (Recorded on June 12, 2014)

There are moments when we step into our courage and greatness – even when it would be easier to just be silent, to walk away or to stop in fear. In this session you’ll learn to recognize such moments as the “choice-less choices” that originate in the depths your heart. You will:

Discover powerful techniques for effectively directing your focus, energy, passion, commitment and resources
Understand the importance of listening to your heart’s wisdom and intuition to access true, unstoppable courage
Discover the gems of courage hidden in the places where you might be afraid, but take action anyway
Learn to let go of your addictions to comfort – so you can better trust your heart
Gain potent insights on embracing fear, while expanding your capacity to love
Module 4: The Power of Appreciation
(Recorded on June 19, 2014)

To have access to our heart-fueld courage, we have to allow ourselves to be open to the miracles and the magic of the moment. In this session, you’ll discover why it’s so crucial to keep hope and courage ignited by honoring the millions of miracles that are happening every single moment of every single day. You will:

Learn the importance of celebrating even the smallest victories, so that your energy is not only sustainable – it’s regenerative
Discover how being with your experiences and emotions – while not being attached to them – is imperative for feeling fully alive, moment-to-moment
Experience the miracle of a single breath to re-inspire you whenever you’re feeling dejected
Learn to let go of any perfectionism that blocks your joy and contribution

Module 5: Overcoming Obstacles by Transforming Your Relationship to Them (Recorded on June 26, 2104)

The funny thing is, courage does not happen in the absence of fear. If you weren’t afraid, you wouldn’t need courage! You’ll learn that true courage can only happen when you face your fears, overwhelm, grief, anger and apathy – and then choose to take action from your heart anyway. You will:

Look at the places where you are living within the confines of your fears
Begin to create and cultivate a practice where you move toward your edge, instead of recoiling
Learn to face fear, overwhelm and grief by transforming your animalistic natural preservation reactions to them (ie, “fight or flight”)
Uncover the emotional layers that might be inhibiting your ability to show up as your most caring self
Learn to make choices from your love and care versus grief or anger
Discover how you grow and become more powerful and joyful each and every time you transmute fear into love and service
Module 6: Finding Your Unique Contribution (Recorded on July 3, 2014)

Each of us has a unique contribution to make, which requires our full courage to move toward. In this session, you’ll discover a powerful distillation process for uncovering your unique purpose, which will be fueled by your growing relationship with courage. You will:

Create your own purpose statement, which describes a vital essence of who you are being, rather than what you are doing
Discover techniques for elevating your purpose statement
Experience the magic that comes from the boldness and courage it takes to stand in your purpose – effortlessly attracting the right people and opportunities
Learn to harness the gifts of clarity and receive the magic it brings

Module 7: Taking Action with Love (Recorded on July 10, 2014)

Most people will change their “purpose” many times throughout their lives. Most commonly, people are drawn to an issue for a few months, a year or a few years – and then branch out and find a new “purpose,” or even have several at a time. The key, though, is constantly being in loving action based on your purpose. And in this final session, you will explore which actions and ways of being of service are the best expression of your deeper purpose right now. You will:

Explore the deep core of who you are
Understand how to utilize who you truly are in loving action
Discover the ways your heart and soul most want to be in action and service in the world
Identify your “dream team” of supporters who can assist your loving actions
Gain clarity on your courageous next steps



Julia Butterfly Hill is an activist, a writer and a poet. She is the author of the national bestseller, The Legacy of Luna, and the co-author of One Makes The Difference, both published by Harper SanFrancisco.


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Julia Butterfly Hill – A Course in Courage