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Karate Winning Kicking Techniques

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In the framework of this DVD, sensei Hideharu Igaki will guide us through the in-depth kicking techniques, applications in fighting and real combat of Karate Shito Ryu. Sensei Hideharu Igaki used to be a professional Kickboxer before emigrating to the US and becoming the head coach of the US Karate Federation.

Divided into five sections: Basics(kihon), transitional techniques (henkawaza), combinations (renzokuwaza), feints (kensei), and countering with kicks. Each includes combinations of: Maegeri, mawashigeri, kakegeri, ushirogeri, ushiromawashigeri, uchimawashigeri. With the aid of excellent slow motion sequences, this program shows in great detail more than 50 classic kicking strategies for competition or self-defense.

Born September 7, 1956, Hideharu Igaki Sensei is in his second decade as the Head Coach for the USA National Karate Federation U.S. National Karate Team. His black belt is in Fujitani-Ha Shito-Ryu Meibu-Kai and instructors license in Tenshin-Ko-Ryu Kenpo. He also was a professional kick boxer in Japan before moving to the U.S. in 1979. 2012 Instructor at NJKFNW Hobu Dojo, Hillsboro, OR. He and his wife, Jan, also create beautiful Hikidashi clay work together in Hillsboro, OR.

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Karate Winning Kicking Techniques