Kenny Weldon – U WANT 2 KNOW VOLUME 1


Kenny Weldon – U WANT 2 KNOW VOLUME 1

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This is volume 1, they have not made a volume 2 yet.
KENNY WELDON’S U WANT 2 KNOW VOLUME 1Kenny Weldon, top renowned boxing trainer, provides answers to some of the most asked questions by boxing coaches around the world.
Weldon has trained some of history’s greatest boxers and given coaching clinics around the globe for more than 20 years.
Working with such professional superstars as Evander Holyfield, Vinny Pazienza, Pernell Whitaker and Mike McCallum, along with 28 national amateur champions, 3 USA Olympians and 5 amateur world champions.
This 2 disc set will demonstrate several of Kenny’s veteran secrets and professional tips.
If you want to know it, Kenny answers it.
Ideal for all coaches, trainers, athletes, amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts.
Learn tips and secrets that will help propel you to the top.
2 Discs.
Includes the intro at the beginning.
Disc 1
01.Ring Advantage
02.Stances & Rhythm
03.When 2 Throw Punches
04.Range & Distance
05.Fighting a Left hander
06.Hand Pads
07.Fighting a Runner
08.Glidebox Disc 2
08.Fighting a Slugger
09.Get Opponent in the Corner
10.get Out of the Corner
11.Slipping Punches
12.Fluidity & Position
13.Heavy Bag
14.Speed Bag
15.Double – End Bag
16.Glide Box


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Kenny Weldon – U WANT 2 KNOW VOLUME 1