Kodokan Judo DVD Series 1 – 5 + Extras


Kodokan Judo DVD Series 1 – 5 + Extras

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Archive : Kodokan Judo DVD Series 1 – 5 + Extras

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This is the Complete Kodokan Judo Series DVDs, parts 1 -5 + some extras of VHS rips.
Kodokan DVD Ju No Kata – DVDThe Ju-no-Kata was formulated as one of Kata of Kodokan judo in l887.
The gentle movements are designed to teach the fundamentals of attack and defence and will make it much easier for you to learn the principles and movements of judo.
They are also an effective form of physical education.
Kodokan Katame No Kata DVDThe “Katame-no-Kata” were established during 1884 and 1885, in succession to the “Nage-no-Kata”.
They consist of five representative techniques each from the Osaekomi-waza, Shime-waza and Kansetsu-waza, the aim being the mastery of the theoretical basis for executing and evading each technique.
Kodokan Kime No Kata DVDThe Kime-no-Kata was created around in 1888 to study how to attack and defence.
However, with the change in lifestyles, it became necessary to come up with a new set of kata more suited to the times.
Therefore, in 1956, the Kodokan established Goshin Jutsu, a set of 21 self defense techniques, which are divided into two categories Toshu or Against Unarmed Attack and Buki – Against Armed Attack.
Kodokan Nage No Kata DVDThe Nage-no-Kata were established to help understanding the theoretical basis of judo and learn the processes involved in “Kuzushi”, “Tsukuri”, “Kake” in other words, how to assume the correct position for applying a throwing, techniques once you’ve broken your opponent’s balance and how to apply and complete a technique.
The Kata consist of 15 representative throwing techniques, three from each of the following five categories; Te-waza, Koshi-waza, Ashi-waza, Masutemi-waza and Yokosutemi-waza.



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Kodokan Judo DVD Series 1 – 5 + Extras