Krishna Godhania – Warriors Eskrima


Krishna Godhania – Warriors Eskrima

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This is really uncommon material! I cleaned up and upscaled the video.
Warriors Eskrima Overview and Warriors Eskrima Solo Baston are the two cassettes (single stick)
Krishna Godania is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing leaders of what has been dubbed the “new wave” of Filipino arts.
He is a competent instructor, technical, and someone whose expertise includes a wide range of Filipino styles—in a nutshell, he has managed to blend them in a cohesive manner.
The video we shot is an eye-opening experience that opens up unanticipated possibilities for all fans of Filipino martial arts.
solitary stick
Leading Filipino Eskrima Instructor Guro Krishna Godhania discusses the fundamentals of the Warriors Eskrima System in this intriguing instructional.
The following are the contents:
Disarms & Locks Numerada Flow Drills


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Krishna Godhania – Warriors Eskrima