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Kudo Daido Juku was established in 1981 official by The Grand Master Azuma Takashi. Kudo was designed by Master Azuma to fully allow the multiple fighting styles to be used in one form. This in return maximise the abilities in an individual who then can defend him/herself in many styles and methods of self defense.

Grand Master Azuma Takashi established the Daido Juku World Headquarters (DWHQ) in 1981 aswell. With the establishment of Kudo Daido Juku as officially recognized Budo martial art at the in 2001, the headquarters became known as Kudo International Federation World.

Headquarters (KIFHQ) in Japan

Kudo International Federation Daido Juku has branches over 100 places in Japan and more than 40 countries all over the world and the number is growing.

The main reason for this is Kudo allows an individual to understand the benefits of using different fighting styles to its best ability. And it encourages build confidence without arrogances for self defense purposes.

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