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Lachlan Giles – The Leg Lock Anthology 50-50

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The Leg Lock Anthology: 50/50 by Lachlan Giles

Learn the never before seen submission system that shocked the world at The ADCC 2019
ADCC Absolute Medalist Lachlan Giles teaches the full leg lock system behind one of grappling’s most legendary performances
Lachlan narrates over his own training and competition footage so you can see his mindset and decision making in action
Attack the heel hook from 50/50, Lachlan’s signature submission that tapped out three heavyweights in a day
Know More. Win More.

Volume 1

Chapter 1: General Leg Lock Concepts, Attacks And Counters
Part 1: Introduction And Overview
Part 2: Leg Lock Concepts
Keeping The Knee Line
Reclaiming The Knee Line
Controlling Rotation
Part 3: Heel Hook Finishing Mechanics
Part 4: Defending The Heel Hook
Linking The Techniques

Volume 2

Part 5: Countering The Defense
Beating Early Defense
Beating Late Stage Defense
Bringing It Together
Part 6: Strengths and Weaknesses of Different Leg Lock Positions
Chapter 2: 50/5 and Outside Sankaku
Part 7: Concepts For 50/50 and Outside Sankaku
Part 8: 50/50 Seated
Introduction to This Section
Staying Safe
Keeping The Position
Upgrading to Outside Sankaku
Upgrading to Outside Sankaku Via 80/20
Upgrading to Outside Sankaku Via Outside Ashi
Unlocking The Legs
Finishing once Unlocked
Linking The techniques From 50/50

Volume 3

Part 9: 50/50 Non Heel Hook Attacks
Part 10: Outside Sankaku
Strategy And Positioning
Digging The Heel
Double Trouble
Linking The Techniques
Part 11: Reclaiming The Knee From 50/50
Part 12: Distal Control Sequences
Leg Across Body
Leg On Near Side
Linking The Techniques

Volume 4

Part 13: 50/50 Vs Standing Opponent: Heel Hook Options
Bringing It Together
Part 14: Sweeps And Backtakes From 50/50
Additional Attacks
Bringing It Together: 50/50 Sweeps
Part 15: 50/50 Top And Disengaging
Disengaging The 50/50

Volume 5

Part 16: Countering The Traditional Game: Saddle, Outside Ashi, Reap
Outside Ashi
Chapter 3: Entries
Part 17: Getting to 50/50 And Outside Sankaku From Traditional Leglock Positions
Part 18: Entries Bottom: Concepts And Strategy
Getting To The Legs
Inside Positioning Entries
Part 19: Butterfly/Seated Guard
Part 20: Shin to Shin
Part 21: Single X
Linking The Techniques From Inside Positioning

Volume 6

Part 22: Outside Positioning Concepts And K Guard Overview
Part 23: K Guard From Open Guard
Kneeling Opponent
Standing Opponent
Important Drill
Part 24: De La Riva
Underhook DLR
Shallow K Guard
Bringing It Together

Volume 7

Part 25: Reverse De La Riva
Overview, Concepts, And Positioning
Entries And Transitions
Leg Entanglement Entries
Bringing It Together
Part 26: Inversion Entries
Part 27: Entries From Top
Leg Drag
Part 28: Drills

Volume 8:

Part 29: Narrated Rolling
ADCC Trials RD 1
ADCC Trials RD 2
ADCC Trials Final
Narrated Roll 1
Narrated Roll 2
Narrated Roll 3
Narrated Roll 4
Narrated Roll 5



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Lachlan Giles – The Leg Lock Anthology 50-50