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New 10-Week Live Video Training Starts
Wednesday, June 17, 2020

What You’ll Discover in These 10 Weeks
In this 10-week transformational intensive, Lauren will guide you through the fundamental body-mind-energy skills and competencies you’ll need to clear unhealthy patterns that aren’t serving you, as you move into radiance, healing, and an extraordinary life.

Module 1: The Divine Path of Contentment, Joy & Oneness — An Introduction to the Healing Energies Within Us (June 17)

In this first class, Lauren will introduce the energies of joy and healing. Called the Radiant Circuits, these energies, and how they develop in the body, will be the underlying template for the next 10 weeks.

You’ll experience the first Radiant Circuit that appears in your body — the fundamental energy pathway that feeds your life force and connects you to your purpose.

You’ll learn how these energies work and how they connect you to your root experience on Earth. This is the divine path of contentment and joy, and the recognition of yourself as both the Drop and the Ocean.

And, Lauren will introduce you to the concept of ONE — the start of the sacred geometry of the human body — and how it begins in the body and expands to include everything else.

You’ll also discover:

How to self-energy test to deepen and trust your intuition and get a clear “yes” or “no” around food choices, or which Energy Medicine Yoga techniques to do
The first Radiant Circuit to appear in utero and how to activate it
The first bandha to activate in the body
That your sanctuary of healing and comfort lives within

Module 2: Nothing Exists Without Its Opposite (June 24)

In this second session, you’ll start to see yourself as a separate being. You’ll explore how you and the world exist as two different things. Until you see the other, you don’t understand your own primacy in your life.

You’ll see how oppositional forces exist in everything, and you’ll experience the second Radiant Circuit — the Central Meridian that divides you into two. Lauren will introduce you to your warrior energy (half of your immune system)… which governs your fight/flight/freeze response and your habitual patterns.

You’ll also work with the yin companion to that warrior energy — the guardian of your inner being — to calm hypervigilance.

And you’ll discover:

How to activate your channel of power — your Central Channel
The Circulation-Sex (CX) meridian, the yin partner to the warrior energy
A simple practice for calming CX, enabling you to relax deeply in your hips and legs — opening up your chakra channels and calming your inner resistance
How oppositional forces work in your body at the most basic level
The second bandha to activate in the body
A breathing pattern for balancing the brain

Module 3: Creating a Distinct Boundary Between the Body & the Universe (July 1)

In this session, you’ll explore how adding a third element brings transformation.

The Radiant Circuit this week is Governing, which opens up the third eye. This energetic blueprint for turning inward provides tools for conflict resolution… and an understanding of your witness self — one of the drivers of spiritual practice.

This is also the week where you’ll explore the boundaries that make you the Drop, which is separate from the Ocean, and how these boundaries are key to your health.

You’ll also discover:

How to release and clear any unwanted habits and emotions
How to activate the Governing meridian
Your ability to activate the microcosmic orbit
The power of meditation as well as the challenges
How the number 3 is the minimum number required to “weave into a whole”
The third bandha to activate in the body

Module 4: Regulating Your Systems & Creating Stability in Your Physical Structure (July 8)

This week, you’ll explore the Radiant Circuit known as the Yin Regulator Flow, and how it regulates all of your systems — enhancing the stability of your physical structure, which enables you to move forward in your life.

You’ll explore how activating the Yin Regulator Flow helps you develop your ability to expand into space and expand your earthly capacities.

You’ll also discover:

A tool for helping you sleep better
How to active the Yin Regulator Flow
The power of creativity and how to get out of your own way to get creative
A technique to help you when you feel scrambled
The Ayurvedic 3 Pillars of Health

Module 5: How to Manage Your Inner Responses to External Events (July 15)

Emotions are your inner response system to external (and internal) events. The Yang Regulator Flow helps you regulate yourself — including your emotions — in relation to the outside world.

You’ll take a quick dive into Chinese Medicine’s 5 Element Theory — working with Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal — and you’ll learn how each of your emotions includes a yin and yang energy.

You’ll discover why energy (including your emotions) moves in spiral patterns — mimicking the flow of nature — and you’ll recognize how the patterns in nature replicate themselves within you, and vice versa.

You’ll also discover:

A quick variation of the 5 Element Flow
How to activate the Yang Regulator Flow
Why spirals in nature replicate themselves in you, and vice versa
The yin/yang partners of every meridian and how they work together and apart
An understanding of the 5 Element Theory — that everything in the universe exists as one of five things

Module 6: Everything Is Sacred — Our Innate Connection to Nature (July 22)

As you enter the second half of this program, you’ll start to explore how we’re all interconnected… even to the stars, the sun, the Earth, and the cycles of nature.

You’ll examine the power of fractals, which is how nature uses geometry to grow. Self-similar structures at all levels affect the way biological structures — including humans — grow.

With the understanding that your repetitive actions make up your life, you’ll begin to see yourself as a pattern of nature — giving you insight into how to change those patterns that no longer serve you.

This week’s Radiant Circuit — the Yin Bridge Flow — helps you bridge oppositional forces within you, so you can have greater internal harmony.

You’ll discover:

How to activate the Yin Bridge Flow
How the profound knowing that we’re all connected brings greater joy and inner peace
That the breath is connected to timekeeping
How the math of your body connects you to the math of the cosmos
The basis of Morphic Resonance

Module 7: Heaven Lives Within & All Around You (July 29)

This week you’ll learn to bridge into the outer world. You’ll see that heaven is both inside and outside of you. Lauren will introduce you to the proverbial day of rest, the seventh day, when you can relax and take pleasure in your simple existence.

You’ll explore the number seven, which teaches you about the ancient pathways of enlightenment… reflected most clearly for yogis in the chakra system.

You’ll also discover:

A practice for deeply renewing your brain
How to activate the Yang Bridge Flow
A technique to weave all your chakras together for better communication between all their energies
How harmony and sequentiality appear in music, prismatic light… and you!

Module 8: You Are Limitless & Infinite by Nature (August 5)

In this module, you’ll tap into the infinite. You’ll dive deep into the understanding that the shapes of ALL organisms — including humans — rely on similar patterns of movement and expression in their growth and development.

Starting from the spiral — the pattern in which all energy moves — and working with the shape of the figure eight — the symbol of infinity, you’ll experience how the body mirrors the actions of the universe… connecting you even more deeply to the power of your inclusion in the natural world.

The Radiant Circuit for this week, The Belt Flow, helps you energetically connect the above and the below — and understand the teaching of the number eight.

You’ll also discover:

How to activate the Belt Flow
A technique to activate and integrate your endocrine system
A meridian hold technique that helps keep you youthful
How pranayama is one of the main keys to longevity

Module 9: Reflecting on Your Patterns & Reshaping What Doesn’t Serve You (August 12)

In this class, you’ll receive the wisdom of the number nine — a triple replication of the number three. At three, you dive into the interior self and discover the “braid” — how it takes a third thing to move beyond conflict toward resolution. The energy of number nine shows you how your patterns continually repeat, weaving together your life.

This week holds the promise of a reset. You’ll reflect back on the patterns of your life and see which threads or patterns you want to keep and grow, and which ones are ready to be completed or even eradicated.

You’ll also discover:

The Seated Sacred 10 Vinyasa
How to take stock, reflect, and reshape your patterns
Techniques for activating ALL your Radiant Circuits at once
The traps of repetition, which can lead to boredom or disillusionment
How to appreciate the repetition of life and celebrate its peak moments

Module 10: The Cyclical Nature of Life — An Opportunity for Constant Renewal & Growth (August 19)

In the final week of this program, you’ll return full circle to the start. You’ll discover how the cycle, the spiral, continues… giving you the opportunity time and again to come back to the start.

You’ll revisit the cycle of seeing yourself as a unique individual, separate from everyone else… then as a deeply interior being… then connected to the world… then able to affect the world and be affected by it… then bridged and united with the world…

You’ll also discover:

The Standing Sacred 10 Vinyasa
How to replicate your pattern of living among all the other patterns
A practice for activating the Taiji pole — the central source of illumination and divine connection
How your quantum nature enables you to make huge shifts and growth changes — in a moment …


Lauren Walker is the author of Energy Medicine Yoga: Amplify the Healing Power of Your Yoga Practice and The Energy Medicine Yoga Prescription. Both books won the Nautilus Silver award for best Body, Mind & Spirit Practices publication.

Lauren, who’s been teaching yoga and meditation since 1997, created Energy Medicine Yoga while teaching at Norwich University, the oldest private military college in the country.


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