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With Body Language Expert &

Guild-Certified Feldenkrais Teacher®

Lavinia Plonka

A 7-Module Online Course

Enjoy less pain, more confidence, and clear intentions by changing your physical posture — and rewiring your brain, musculoskeletal system & nervous system.

Release trapped trauma & anxiety that contribute to your physical pain and emotional suffering through the Feldenkrais Method.

What if you could transform negative emotions, improve your self-esteem, and heighten your wellbeing — mind, body, and spirit — by changing the way you move your body?

Can you imagine the possibility of expanding your sense of choice and freedom… and significantly altering the direction of your life… simply by heightening your awareness of the way you physically move through life?

The truth is, the way you move tells a story — to other people and to your own nervous system…

The way you carry yourself triggers hormonal responses that become part of the chemistry of your self-image.

For instance, slouching and hunching your shoulders signals to others that you’re tired or sad — but did you know it also causes your nervous system to produce the very hormones that then lead to you feeling depressed?

It can be surprising to learn that It’s NOT actually your muscles or joints that are causing your pain or discomfort — it’s the mixed messages your brain is giving and receiving as it tries to navigate old wounds and new fears as you move through the world…

What if, by simply changing the way you carry yourself, you could break free of chronic pain, self-sabotaging habits, unhealthy emotional patterns, and more?

In an exciting online course, celebrated body language expert and certified Feldenkrais Teacher Lavinia Plonka will introduce you to the Feldenkrais Method…

The revolutionary practices Lavinia teaches harness the power of safe, subtle, sophisticated movements to teach you how to reorganize yourself — resulting in improved range of motion, reduced pain, and an opportunity to live a fuller life.

As you’ll discover, your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and movements are closely interrelated — and influence each other in powerful ways.

Lavinia will guide you to move with minimum effort and maximum efficiency — not through muscular effort, but through increased conscious awareness of how movement actually works.

You’ll become more aware of the link between your inner and outer worlds… and how your physical movements mirror your feelings about your sense of self-worth and your place in the world.

Gain a Whole New Understanding of Your Brain & Nervous System

We’re stepping into a new way of understanding the brain and nervous system — and it starts with awareness of the habitual postures and holding patterns in the body and the way you carry yourself…

Stories continue to emerge about patients who, for example, have undergone surgeries and assumed they were perfectly healthy afterward. Yet they were unknowingly carrying the trauma of the surgery within their nervous systems, causing unexplained physical and emotional symptoms.

Although they had been under anesthesia during the surgery, their systems remembered the trauma

When they realized they were holding onto the fear or pain stemming from the trauma of the surgery and worked through it using the Feldenkrais Method, they were able to release that trauma — and the pain they had been carrying disappeared.

Through subtle movements, you can transform YOUR story, coming into heightened self-awareness, an expansion of your repertoire of movement, and improved functioning — bringing your life into alignment not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually, too.

When your whole body moves cooperatively, and when maximum efficiency is achieved — with minimum effort — you’ll unleash your powers of creativity, intuition, healthy sexuality, and more…

Welcome to the relationship you’ve been waiting for — your relationship with yourself.

In this breakthrough online course with Lavinia Plonka, you’ll: 

  • Discover subtle, yet powerful somatic practices to help you heal emotional patterns, trauma, and chronic pain
  • Leave behind “emotional postures” that reinforce physical and emotional pain and negative self-image
  • Discover how to rewire your brain, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system so you can move through life with less pain and more confidence
  • Receive movement and visualization practices that are powerful alternatives to Kegel exercises
  • Recognize the direct link between your inner and outer worlds — and that the way you move your physical body mirrors your feelings of self-worth, creative capacities, and worldview
  • Develop awareness through movement to align your pelvis, rib cage, lungs, and heart for optimal health and healthy relationships
  • Learn how trapped trauma and anxiety holding patterns contribute to hypermobility, poor sleep, compromised breathing, and chronic pain
  • Begin to apply the Feldenkrais Motto: Less Pain, More Gain, moving with self-compassion and effortlessness
  • Master simple strategies for better sleep and stress reduction to facilitate relaxation and healing
  • Explore how sedentary habits compress the spine — and how injuries can lead to back pain
  • Perform your first complete body scan, diving into experiential anatomy — your sense of your inner self
  • Embody the physical postures and breathing patterns of tenderness and compassion
  • And much more…

Receive Guidance From a Celebrated

Body Language Expert

Lavinia Plonka has helped people improve their movement, behavior, relationships, and careers for over 35 years. Her unique expertise connects the dots between posture/movement, emotions, and the mind. Lavinia’s training and professional career have included theater, dance, yoga, and the martial arts.

Her popular workshops explore the intersection between movement, emotions, and the mind. She’s currently the director of Asheville Movement Center, offering a complete movement curriculum that includes workshops and private lessons.

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Modules

In this 7-module transformational intensive, Lavinia will share her wisdom on the mind-body relationship and guide you through Feldenkrais movements to help you heal emotional challenges as you change your physical movement patterns. As a result, you’ll unleash your powers of creativity, intuition, healthy sexuality, and more.

Module 1: Transform Trauma & Chronic Pain — Finding Freedom to Make New Choices & Fully Engage In Life 

In this opening module, Lavinia will welcome you to the relationship you’ve been waiting for: your relationship with yourself.

She’ll share why and how trauma, stress, and illness so often create chronic pain that defies medical support.

Lavinia will walk you through how the Feldenkrais Method uses movement to dialog with your nervous system through the language of movement and sensation.

You’ll start by looking at all the ways your body “keeps score” of all the different insults you’ve suffered — and the baggage that literally constricts your muscles… creating patterns of pain on a cellular level.

Often, your breathing and sleep can become compromised, contributing to more inflammation and discomfort. Your breath feeds your cells. Your sleep literally helps flush toxins out…

In this first lesson on moving out of pain, you’ll:

  • Learn how trapped trauma and anxiety holding patterns contribute to hypermobility, poor sleep, compromised breathing, and chronic pain
  • Discover how to enlist the parasympathetic nervous system to promote healing and relaxation
  • Begin to apply the Feldenkrais motto: Less Pain, More Gain — moving effortlessly and with self-compassion
  • Master simple strategies for better sleep and stress reduction to facilitate relaxation and healing
  • Practice a visualization exercise using “inner eyes” to soften away pain
  • Experience a movement meditation for creating inner spaciousness, releasing tension, and literally giving your cells room to breathe

Module 2: Free Yourself From Back Pain & Move Freely in the World 

Back pain has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The statistics of the number of people suffering from back pain are staggering.

How did this happen?

In this module, Lavinia will explain how the perfect storm of too much sitting — at desks, in cars, on couches, and more — combined with the constant stress of contemporary life — has literally imprisoned our backs. In fact, sitting is now considered the new smoking.

Stress, fear, and anxiety also march up and down our spines.

There’s a reason for the popular saying, “I’ve got your back.” It evokes the feeling of knowing you’re taken care of…

And when you don’t feel as though anyone has your back, it can become a vicious cycle: your back hurts from work, you protect your back, your nervous system interprets it as a lack of safety — and makes your back pain even worse.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Uncover the true meaning of the metaphors and emotions connected to back pain
  • Explore how sedentary habits compress the spine — and how injuries can lead to back pain
  • Master your first complete body scan, diving into experiential anatomy — your sense of your inner self
  • Explore how the gentle, careful movements of the Feldenkrais Method improve movement without unnecessary effort
  • Receive actionable tips for relieving back pain — which you can implement when you’re sitting or lying down!
  • Pinpoint the places in your back that are contributing to your pain
  • Free your back with a powerful, yet safe, Awareness Through Movement® lesson

Module 3: Discover Your Power Center — Finding Dynamic Stability in Your Pelvis 

Despite the fact that the word sacrum (the lowest part of your spine that connects your pelvic bones) comes from the Latin word for sacred, the pelvis has gotten a bad rap for the last 200 years.

Many of us were (at least implicitly) raised with inhibition and shame around this part of our bodies — resulting in physical and emotional inner conflict.

In this module, you’ll discover how the all-important pelvis is literally your geographic center. .. your legs and spine are actually moving along with it!

From reclaiming your sexuality to feeling confident that you have control over your bladder, reconnecting with your pelvic power will ground and empower you.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Connect to your diaphragm and your pelvic floor, and, by extension, your breath and your power
  • Discover how your pelvic power center helps you maintain inner and outer balance
  • Explore the surprising connection between your pelvis and TMJ pain in your jaw
  • Improve your stability and balance by understanding the six planes of pelvic movement
  • Learn how to maintain the mobility of your pelvic floor as you age
  • Discover the holy and holistic elements of your pelvis — and how your organs, the first two chakras, and the root of the spinal energy (also known collectively as Kundalini energy) affect the whole of you
  • Explore movement and visualization practices that are powerful alternatives to Kegel exercises

Module 4: Standing Your Ground — Moving From Habitual to Healthy Postures 

Your posture tells a story… to other people, and to your own nervous system. In this module, you’ll discover how to effortlessly improve your stance to support and even embolden you.

Your posture triggers hormonal responses that become the chemistry of your self-image. For example, slumping, looking down, or even turning down the corners of your mouth signal to others that you’re tired or sad… and causes your nervous system to produce the corresponding hormones that lead to feeling fatigued and depressed.

Many of us have struggled since childhood to “straighten up!” as our parents admonished, but not being unable to sustain it. In this session, Lavinia will share why it’s not your fault.

In this module, you’ll discover:

  • The difference between superficial “power posing” and actually embodying courage
  • How your vagus nerve (a cranial nerve that supports the heart, lungs, upper digestive tract, and other organs of the chest and abdomen) affects your emotions — and your posture
  • How your seventh cranial nerve controls the muscles of facial expression
  • The relationship between tension and relaxation in your face — and how it connects to your posture and emotions
  • Why caving in your chest, pitching your head forward, and rolling your shoulders up, limits your ability to respond to life’s challenges
  • Why maintaining a posture that defies the human design impacts your ability to breathe, the functioning of your heart, your sense of balance, and even your vision
  • How to check in with your attitude anytime with a posture body scan
  • An Awareness Through Movement lesson that equips you to actually improve your posture by rounding your back

Module 5: Open Your Heart — Healing Anxiety, Giving & Receiving Love

Put your right hand on your heart, and say, “I promise you…” Now put your hand on your belly and say the same words. Different, right?

In this module, you’ll discover how your heart center is the place for your heartfelt feelings, which are often completely different from your reactive “gut” feelings.

For example, if you’ve been hurt, rejected, or criticized, you may have noticed your tendency to try to protect your vulnerable heart…

You may have experienced your ribs tightening, your thoracic spine stiffening, or your breath becoming more shallow — all of which can lead to feelings of anxiety, sadness, and tension in your shoulders and a tightening in your heart.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Identify which emotions are held in your heart center
  • Sense the difference between giving and receiving with an open heart, rather than a defended heart
  • Learn to embody the physical postures and breathing patterns of tenderness and compassion
  • Experience a breathing meditation to expand your lungs and release tension in your ribs
  • Enjoy a beautiful seated movement lesson that uses self-compassion to soften your ribs

Module 6: Clarify Who You Truly Are — Aligning Intention With Action

Many of us have a tendency to distract or even sabotage ourselves from achieving our goals. If your intention, for example, is to write a novel, you may find that you’re avoiding it by busying yourself with anything but working on it. Or, if you know you want to end a problematic relationship, you might instead stay in it, despite your unhappiness…

What does this avoidance have to do with the way you physically move?

In this module, you’ll learn how listening to the information from your nervous system creates both pleasure and pain in your life choices. By recognizing how you get in your own way and gaining clarity about the internal blind spots that sabotage your intentions, you’ll learn to hone in on what you really want — whether it’s pain-free movement, or the person of your dreams.

In this module, you’ll:

  • Heighten your awareness of how you move, think, sense, and feel
  • Explore your personal blind spot
  • Experience a body scan that identifies physical patterns that may be holding you back
  • Practice a movement to help identify your “parasitic habits” — such as self-sabotage and self-criticism — and receive insights for improving your movements and your intentions

Module 7: Activating Your Visionary Capabilities — Intuition, Manifesting & Enacting Your Vision 

By this time in the course, you know what your holding patterns are and what’s been in your way. You’ve unlocked innumerable possibilities. In this session, you’ll discover how to listen to yourself and envision what you want. Moshe Feldenkrais said that his method is intended to help people “realize their avowed and unavowed dreams, to restore each person to their human dignity.”

We tend to put our dreams aside for so long… we even forget we had them. It’s time, right now, to re-envision your dreams… to see what’s necessary to achieve them… and to understand how to elegantly overcome the obstacles in our path…

In this final module, you’ll:

  • See your goals, and the path to manifest them in a new light
  • Create your own mandala of intention, to help you towards clarifying your dreams
  • Receive a movement lesson — culminating all that you’ve learned in this course — linking joyful movement with your ability to see with your mind and heart
  • Interrupt your habitual way of “trying” by intentionally failing
  • Delight in the experience of “pandiculation” (imagine a cat waking up)

The Experience the Feldenkrais Method

Bonus Collection

In addition to Lavinia’s transformative 7-module online course, you’ll receive these powerful training sessions with leading visionaries and teachers. These bonus sessions complement the course and promise to take your understanding and practice to an even deeper level.

Self Hug

Audio Lesson From Lavinia Plonka

We all need a hug sometimes. This hug will offer new insights into your scapulae and ribs, and will also teach you about the joys of rotation and differentiation — two crucial abilities that are easy to lose in our sedentary culture.

Less Pain More Gain

Video Dialogue With Cynthia Allen From FutureLife Now

In this information-packed discussion, Lavinia and Cynthia explore exactly what movement is — beyond the conscious ways we move our body and our being — and how the Feldenkrais Method offers us the opportunity to change our movement patterns on every level. There is, in fact, nothing we do that’s NOT movement — from the way we digest our food… to the way our cells bump up against each other… to our every breath. Though we can’t consciously control these inner workings, we can influence them more than we realize. Whether pain is coming from the holding and tension in our body… wear and tear on our joints, resulting in an inflammatory process… or emotional upset and the way we respond to life, Feldenkrais offers relief through the comprehensive examination and resetting of the way we move.

Cynthia Allen has deeply explored wellness and traditional health programs for nearly four decades. Twenty years ago she found the Feldenkrais Method — because of the profound personal benefits she experienced, she went on to train as a practitioner and has never looked back. She is a co-creator of Integral Human Gait theory, and founder of the virtual platforms, Your Learning Body and the Feldenkrais Awareness Summit. She is also a Senior Trainer in Ruthy Alon’s Bones for LIfe work and has been published in the Journal of Functional Neurology, Rehabilitation, and Ergonomics.

The Little Book of Falling & Getting Up

Ebook From Lavina Plonka

In this elegant work, you’ll find inspiring descriptions that unlock your mindbody abilities and get them producing for you. Gain an insider’s look at colorful case studies from the Feldenkrais Method® that flesh out the ingredients of balance and alleviate the fear of falling. Lavinia systematically explains how to apply your own skills to transform the fear of falling into greater confidence and ease.

What People Are Saying About Lavinia Plonka…

“It freed me from a decade of darkness.”

Thank you again for the life-changing three days. For the first time in many years, I drove without any pain in my shoulders. It freed me from a decade of darkness.

— John Carter, Rancher, environmentalist

“… encourage[s] us to begin to notice how our bodies hold and generate emotions.”

[Lavinia’s] succinct and straightforward survey… encourage[s] us to begin to notice how our bodies hold and generate emotions.

— Dragonfly Media

“… helped me do things I only dreamed about before!”

Working with Lavinia and the Feldenkrais Method® has helped me do things I only dreamed about before!

— Kathy Dee Zasloff

“… a huge difference in my walking.”

For the first time in years, I was able to walk up the stairs without having to hold on to the banister. Lavinia and the Feldenkrais Method have made a huge difference in my walking.

— Carole Porter, interior designer

“… my feet feel fantastic! …what a relief!”

I don’t know what you did yesterday, but I had to let you know, my feet feel fantastic! I had no pain all day, what a relief! I just wanted to confirm that I’m coming back again next week so we can do it again!

— Jimmy White, Owner, JW Builders

“… about 95% of the pains I developed could easily be averted with minor adjustments…”

As an avid tennis player over 50, I experienced what a lot of mature sports enthusiasts encounter, pain. Pain in the hip, knees, “tennis elbow,” sore ankles, and in the tennis-serving shoulder. I have been taking classes in Feldenkrais for about a year and a half and trying to integrate those lessons to my tennis game for recovery and prevention. I can happily report that about 95% of the pains I developed could easily be averted with minor adjustments and paying attention to my body when running around the tennis court and when hitting the ball. I now not only strike the ball with much more power but use much less effort, leaving me with a lot more energy after I play and not feeling physically depleted and sore. I now feel I have more choices on how I approach the sport. I still have trouble remembering the score.

— James Fendleman

“… an invaluable resource to get out of pain and get back to the ease that our body has capacity for…”

Lavinia’s online lessons are an invaluable resource to get out of pain and get back to the ease that our body has capacity for… but that we lost out of habit, stress, or injury. Lavinia’s clarity and excellent teaching makes it simple to do these lessons with her from the comfort of our own home. I am grateful Lavinia is committed to making this profound learning method available to as many people as possible through her online series. If you haven’t tried it… don’t wait!! You’ll be glad!

— Judy Greenman, Feldenkrais Center of the Florida Keys


“… one of the best Feldenkrais classes that I have attended…”

I love Lavinia’s online class. It is one of the best Feldenkrais classes that I have attended (and I have attended many).

— Hava Schaver


“I have so much more awareness of my body than I did before.”

Last summer, I started riding again. What I’m finding is that, even though my riding skills are rusty, I am able to integrate my instructors’ feedback much more quickly because I have so much more awareness of my body than I did before. And in particular, since I started doing your classes, my riding has started improving at an even faster pace… It seems like every lesson you’ve chosen has a direct (and positive!) application to my riding. I also enjoy hiking in the hilly forest around my current home in Corvallis, Oregon. I can now handle the hills more easily and can hike more distance. I believe this is due to using my body more efficiently and letting go of unproductive tension. The hikes are now more refreshing and less tiring.

— Lisa Stanley


“I felt taller today… and more easefully flexible…“

I felt taller today when the class ended, and more easefully flexible — which is saying something for me given the physical challenges I’ve been healing from/through. If you cannot do a movement as directed, Lavinia is great about reminding you to amend it and get creative, and often offers specific suggestions of how to try an alternative/modification. These classes are designed to meet you where you are — regardless of physical condition or ability.

— Julianne


Here’s What You’ll Receive

Seven 90-Minute Class Video Modules With Lavinia Plonka

Experience a rare opportunity to be mentored by body language expert and Certified Feldenkrais Method® teacher Lavinia Plonka — from the comfort of your own home. Each module includes an on-demand video and guides you to discover specific skills and abilities to transform habitual physical and emotional challenges, and experience a pain-free life of joy, purpose, and freedom. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can watch anytime and anywhere — on any connected device and at your convenience.

Seven Audio Recordings of Modules

An audio version of each module will be available for you to download in high-quality MP3 format. You’ll never have to worry about missing a session, and you can listen anytime and anywhere — on any connected device and at your convenience.

Seven PDF Transcripts of Modules

In addition to the high-quality videos and MP3 audios, you’ll also receive the entire class transcription in PDF format. You can then review, print, and highlight the most important insights and practices you were given.

Interactive Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson

Between class sessions, you’ll have the option of completing related exercises, practicing new tools, and answering questions to accelerate your learning and integrate each lesson.

The Experience the Feldenkrais Method Bonus Collection

  • Self Hug
    Audio Lesson From Lavinia Plonka
  • Less Pain More Gain
    Video Dialogue With Cynthia Allen From FutureLife Now
  • The Little Book of Falling & Getting Up
    Ebook From Lavina Plonka

An Unprecedented Opportunity to Join the Experience the Feldenkrais Method Virtual Training 

We feel honored that Lavinia Plonka has chosen to partner with The Shift Network to offer this exclusive online course. This is a rare opportunity to learn directly from a body language expert and Certified Feldenkrais Method® teacher whose powerful insights and movement lessons are helping us heal while empowering our intentions.

If you’re serious about emotional and physical relationship with yourself, then you owe it to yourself, your loved ones, and our world to take this one-of-a-kind course.

If you’re ready to take the next step in evolving yourself, click the register button below to reserve your space now.



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