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What Do I Get?

  • Precision Trade Signals With HIGH PROFIT POTENTIAL
  • WEEKLY Market Analysis: Get Your Trading Edge
  • Learn to Trade From ONLY Ten Minutes a Day
  • 10+ Hours of  Video Tutorials (…and growing!)
  • Tailored One to One Mentoring (3 x sessions)
  • Access to All Lazy Trader Strategies
  • Market Scope: All Past Market Analysis Webinars
  • Access to The Lazy Trader’s Inside Circles
  • Dedicated Lifetime Support
  • FULL Money Back Guarantee

I Help People Like You Generate a Potential Return of 5 – 10% Per
Month. You Will Get Unlimited Access to Forex Training
and Mentoring For Life.

“You must have noticed the endless stream of people
offering Forex advice on the internet. Just stick
‘forex training’ into Google and they all pop up in
the ad bar.
Hard to tell who’s genuine and who’s just out to scam
you, isn’t it? Because there are a lot of con-men out to
get honest people who just want to earn a bit of extra
But Rob is the real deal.
I’ve been a client for just a few weeks, and already my
balance has increased by a solid 10%, and if I hadn’t
been trading at the lowest possible amount per point it
would have been a lot more!
Tonight I’m going to cash out the money I made on the
last trade and take my girlfriend out to dinner.”
Neil Murton, Director, DigiResults, London, UK

Neil’s Trading week went like this:

From the bureau of The Lazy Trader

Here’s a winning trade

(based on one of my strategies)

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Here’s a ‘losing’ trade

(based on one of my strategies)
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Dear Friend,
If you earned 10% on your money after just a few minutes work, how would you feel?
Pretty happy I imagine.
Well, Neil Murton was completely new to trading financial markets…not to mention forex training!
Yet with my help he discovered a proven legal and honest way to bring in a
fantastic percentage return on his capital after just a few minutes work.
No, he didn’t leave home. (Apart from going to a top London restaurant with
his girlfriend to celebrate!)
He wasn’t selling anything.
And he didn’t gamble.
In fact, he didn’t even have to take off his dressing gown!
Neil is not unique. For the past four years I’ve helped
thousands of people to earn an impressive percentage
return on their money using simple tried and tested forex training systems.
It just so happens I teach people to use the forex market as
a vehicle to make – in some cases – life changing amounts.
It’s simple, tried and tested, and has the potential to bring you
eye-popping returns over a short period of time.
I’ve also helped people like Chris, a freelance, photographer
who said:
“I recently made 4% on a trade that took 10 minutes to
enter and just a few days to hit target”
Or Lee, CEO of LKM Media, who told me this after his first
forex training session as a client:
“Rob’s a first class trainer and very, very knowledgeable
on the markets…he makes thing very clear and very simple”
Or Ian, who runs his own PR company:
“…I would recommend The Lazy Trader to anyone who
wants to develop a winning approach to their trading”
You’ll find more success stories from people just like you both
on his page and on the website..
But first, let me ask you this:

“What If  You Could Make a 5 – 10% Return a Month From Our Forex Training…Would You Be Interested?”

Face it – if you’re like me, you’re probably very, very sceptical.
Perhaps you’re thinking this is yet another ‘get rich quick’ scheme that promises the world but
delivers nothing. Or simply yet another trading course with no results to back up the claims.
So let me make this as transparent, open and honest as I possibly can. It’s only fair you get all
the facts you need to make up your own mind.
Firstly, I would like to reassure you that this has nothing to do with MLM, selling physical goods
from home, chain letters, gambling systems or a ‘biz opps’.
It is, in fact, a proven and respectable business that was once only the preserve of the elite banks
and institutions. Thanks to technological advances, people just like you and I can potentially make
vast sums from trading the currency markets (known as ‘Forex’).
The great news is that you do not need big money to get involved, experience or skills. In fact, it
can often be better to come completely fresh to this as we teach people how to make money
from trading the currency markets in a very specific way.
You can have unlimited access 24 hours a day 5 days a week! You can run it at home or
anywhere in the world at your own pace, in your own time and completely on your terms:
This is a completely legal, ethical and legitimate way to make money – one that regularly features
in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and The Economist.
This does not mean that it is complicated to understand or tiresome to learn.
It gets better. Through trading the forex market, we can make money from markets when they
rise and fall. So this means that we can potentially make money and a great percentage return in
a boom as well as a recession. It’s 100% recession proof!
How many other investments out there offer this two-way street?
I cannot think of any.
What if I told you that you can fantastic gains from trading but 92% of people who have-a-go do
not bother to get the right forex training and therefore fail?
You would be pretty worried, right?
I don’t blame you! But what if there was a way of making consistent profits from the forex market
which mirrored what the winning minority did?
Keep reading and you will discover.
When I first started forex trading before forex training – I was no exception to the rule. I arrogantly thought that I could
master the markets on my own, completely oblivious to how much easier it would have been
and how much money I would have saved had I decided to get professional forex training.
At the time, I did not seem to think so.
Every trade I seemed to take lost me more and more money – and sanity! Certainly if you
decided to learn to trade by yourself, you can expect to lose countless trades before you’re
even on the road to success.
I know, I was there. Boy, I will and I’ll shout from the rooftops that I was there with vengence!
It’s a proven fact that without the right forex training 92% of people who try and trade forex fail and wipe out their whole account
within three months.I was no exception to the rule.
After all, learning how to drive requires a driving instructor and experience behind the wheel
and learning to swim requires a swimming instructor and a swimming pool.
So therefore, is it fair to say that for a complete novice to conquer the markets from
zilch and go from grappling about with pocket change to writing their own cheques would,
at the very least, require some form of professional forex training?
I didn’t think so! I was wrong from the start – and then wrong again, and learned the hard way –
from the school of knocks. I tried every money making ‘scheme’ under the sun from MLM to
domain flipping and neither worked for me – but forex training then trading profitably did!
That was then, this is now.
I’m Rob Colville – a fund level Forex trader who makes my money from trading only ten minutes a day…and I want to show you how you can do exactly the same.
The only thing that separates you from me is a few extra years doing what I am doing. Yes, I
have tried pretty much every forex trading strategy on this planet from the various “get-rich-quick” forex training course touted online – and yes, many of them are
are complete and utter garbage. I just happened to stick at it through the darker days
long enough to crack the code.
My experience has let me discover what works and what does not. I do not want you to go through
what I did to get consistently profitable. In fact, I wouldn’t even wish it on my worse enemy!

I’m Just An Ordinary Guy Who Just Stuck
With Trading Long Enough to Crack The Code

I don’t claim to be anything special and this is not about me – but it has everything to do with
my method which enables me to make a fulltime living working part time.
I’m not about to tell you to sign up to some high rolling, over inflated forex training course.
I’m not going to insult your intelligence by recommending a piece of ‘magic-bullet’ software
or robot which will magically triple your money over night.
And…I’m not some sort of self-proclaimed guru who has a ‘today only’ forex training offer.
In fact, there is no reason why you should be excited about what I have to say but you
have every reason to be excited about this:
My trading practice, which took me 3 years to develop, enabling me to trade 10 – 20 minutes
a day only…and how you too can benefit from it.
For the rest of the day I am able to focus on my real passions and interests:
In my case, writing, photography, travelling and helping others being just several of them.
…and so can you!
Yes, I used to be a freelance journalist – and this is something I still do for a bunch of
national and international publications.
And sure enough, I provide forex training and mentor people from all walks of life on how to trade profitably:
Lawyers, accountants, teachers, doctors, taxi drivers, janitors, cooks – my students come in
all different backgrounds but united in their desire to make their money work hard for them.
But here’s the kicker. Can I honestly say that trading financial markets really interests me
that much?
Hell no! But then, it does not really have to interest you – or –anyone – in order for you to make
money from it.
It just so happens to be a vehicle I leverage to create optimal capital growth I would not receive
If you haven’t asked this already, you are probably thinking it:

“Why Are You Bothering Offer Forex Training
If You’re Making So Much Money Trading?”

People sometimes ask me this, and it’s a great question. I actually asked my mentor the
exact same question when I was fresh! After all, those that can’t do, teach, right?
In some cases, yes, but in my case there are many reasons why. I like to educate
private investors and I’m very fortunate because my style of trading allows me to to free
up about 95% of my day so I can do whatever I please. I have a whole bunch of free time
I would not have otherwise have had to help others to profit from my forex training.
If I traded “intraday,” which typically requires you to be in front of the screen for 3+ hours
every daythen I probably would not bother.
But I get great personal satisfaction from helping others and I am a great fan of creating
‘win-win’ situations.
Yes, I make money from charging clients for my services and some industry smarts
say I should charge more. However, as I’m making great overall returns trading,this it has
actually enabled me to charge my clients LESS than what I should be charging.

Myths Bulldozed

Can trading make me a millionnaire?

Absolutely. You can turn chump-change into a golden nest-egg. But it will not happen over-night. It depends how much you start with in your trading account and how consistent you are per month with your results. If you start off with $2,000 and you make 6% per month for 9 years… your account will grow to $1,000, 000. That’s compounding working in our favour, as opposed to it working against us as with the case with credit cards and mortages. Do the math!

Can anyone learn to trade profitably?

Sure, but as long as you’re willing to invest in your learning and be coached. If you think you can trade your way to financial freedom before any formal training then you can expect to become an an onconvenient statistic – 92% of people who do try and master the markets by themselves blow their accounts. A broker actually told me, off the record, that 90% of his clients lost decimated 90% of their trading accounts in 90 days. The 8% of traders who make it invest in accredited courses and programmes.

Is trading a risky business?

If you are a gambler – yes! But not if you have a ‘risk management’ system in place you where you keep the risk low. By selecting high reward trades, risking only a small amount of money (ie. 1% of your account) you will be trading the smart way. Failing to do this will be radion-active to your prospects of growing old without money worries.

Do I have to give up my day job?

No. The great news is that the forex market is the most versatile market to trade as it is open 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can trade a strategy which fits in completely into your life-style, so that you can run the trade without the trade running you. If, like us, you only want to trade for minutes a day, set your trades up and forget about them while they make you money – you can! Or if you want to quickly get in and out of the market – you can! Once you reach a point when you are making more from trading than your day job then you can fire your boss and get them to work for you!

A lifestyle choice

Where’s Rob? Trading for ten minutes a day has benefits
My office in London – funnily enough, I’m rarely there
On holiday in Penang, Malaysia
The views really can be amazing when you’re not chained to the desk, distracted by the 9-5 grind!
At the top of Cable Mountatin, Cape Town, SA
I can take my trading and forex training anywhere in the world so I can have fun travelling while “working” for minutes a day
With some of my wonderful South African clients in Johannesburg after my forex training seminar.
Travelling, trading, forex training – it’s a fun and gratifying combination (providing the internet connection works!)

If I Can Do it – So Can You… Now It’s Your Turn!


Proof of the pudding that’s keeping my forex training clients sweet today and tomorrow

What the clients say


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What the results say
Imagine mastering an investment strategy which was once
only the preserve of the banks and institutions…used to gain
a handsome percentage gain on their capital.
Whether you are making 2% or even 10% return on your capital
per month as a result of following a simple step-by-step method –
you are well on your way to financial freedom.
I will teach you everything you need to know so that you are do
become part of the 92% who fail. But you do not need to be
a maths geek or computer whizz to do this.
All you need is an open mind and the ability to follow a basic set
of instructions.
Whether you are a high flying professional, a student or simply
finding your feet, I have mentored people from all backgrounds how
to do this – and they are doing it.
Unlike traditional ‘buy-and-hold’ stock market strategies, my clients
are making money from markets as they go up as well as down.
It’s a two way street of opportunity – paved with gold!
But what’s in it for you?

Imagine transforming what is experienced by 92% of traders
as a stressful, time-consuming, loss-making business into a
carefree, profitable and relaxing “hobby”

Why it pays to “work” smart & become a Lazy Trader

Get more from less

Be a “full time trader” who “works” for only ten minutes a day so that you can go to meet your friends for coffee, visit the beach or just bum around playing Playstation….you will be making money even if you’re not chained to the desk!

Have the best and leave the rest

Have the confidence that our proven trading strategies are profitable and work – in any market! Not only will you be exposing your money to high profit potential with our signature trading style, you will save yourself time, sanity and money from trading the defunct strategies and “systems” often touted by conmen on the internet.

Smash the time = money link

Are you sick of swapping your precious time for an hourly fee from your day job when you know you’re probably worth more? Become a Lazy Trader and create your own passive income stream by exposing your money to high profit potential while you work your day job, play hard in the evening, or sleep in on Monday morning – without having to “work” for it!

Swapping low risk for high reward

What if you knew you could have more losing trades than winning trades – and still make money over all? It would be a win-win situation, right? Well, this is possible with our trading style. We select trades where we can swap a tiny amount of risk for huge reward potential…so that you can still profit even if you get ‘it wrong’ more.
Imagine being part of the 8% of winners by immediately fast-tracking
yourself to this winning minority
by following a simple, tried and tested
forex training approach which you can fit into your daily schedule easily and effortlessly.
Turn a weekly 10 – 20 minute routine into remarkable returns and expose
your capital to the potential of explosive growth from our forex training.
Break away from the time = money trap by cherry picking high reward,
easy to identify setups.
Master the little-known forex training formula that will gain you potentially limitless returns whilst always keeping your risk to a minimum, while you can go about your day doing the things that really interest you.
Fully autopilot your trading so that you don’t have to be glued to your screen all
day (a common trap newbies fall into) so that your money is working overtime
for you – whether you like it or not!
This will set you apart from 90% of the working population who will be swapping
their time for money 9-5, while you can be making money in your sleep!
This is discretionary trading, where you’re exchanging high-reward for low risk.
It is the forex training skillset which is mandatory for you to potentially make limitless returns
from the market based on your judgement, guided by my tried and tested
You will be taught exactly what you need to know to make trading the Forex
market a lucrative and low maintenance pursuit for you.
Imagine being taught a special formula which keeps the risk low but the profit
potential, limitless.
Imagine making the extra money which will make a meaningful difference to
your life
and perhaps even more importantly, the lives of others.
Whether you will use your trading profits to take your partner for a five star holiday
to Rome, paying off that credit card bill or even sending your children to private
school. Or, even something as small as upgrading your tepid breakfast tap water
to freshly juiced orange…it is as fulfilling for me to see how students
enjoying the cream from milking the forex cash cow!
If you’re completely new to trading – try this
If you’re already trading – try this
What if your forex training gave you the strategies used by successful trading professionals worldwide?
What if you has unlimited access to online learning, forex training, trade ideas, weekly market analysis, lifetime support and bespoke one-to-one coaching, for life?
What if you could learn how to trade profitably from “working” as little as ten minutes a day?
Imagine what you could do if you knew you could not fail?

Get real time forex training on how to trade financial markets
with unlimited access and lifetime support to give you the
winning edge with The Lazy Trader UltimateTM

  • Forex training that also works in all markets
  • Exclusive access to Lazy Trader forex trade signals
  • Learn to trade profitably from only 10 minutes a day
  • Trade the set-ups with the highest profit potential
  • Set and forget strategies
  • Have your money working as your slave
  • No longer have to “work ” for profits
  • Spend more time having a life
  • Emotion free trading
  • Access to weekly market analysis
  • Learn how to select the best and forget the rest
  • Enjoy a lower frequency of trading
  • The tools for maximum potential reward
  • No longer be glued to the screen
  • Do the things you have always wanted
  • Smash the time = money link in trading
  • Work to consistant monthly percentage gains
  • Most time efficient style of trading available

As a Lazy Trader Ultimate™ client, you’ll get the following forex training:

Online Members Area

The Lazy Trader forex training course is as simply presented and concise as it is rigorous and comprehensive. It will give you everything you need to know in order to become a consistently profitable trader without having to spend $1000s and hours glued to the screen.
The forex training course course is split into six sections, and will give you unfettered access 24/7 to our principles, how we read price action, the tools we use for market analysis, our forex trading strategies, in addition to the basics. You have exclusive access to learning module by both video and fully illustrated workbooks.
The methods we use mirror the trading strategies and philosophies used on proprietary trading floors, banks and hedge funds the
world over with no holds barred. You will be taught exactly how we trade and nothing will be kept from you. This is it! Everything we
know, respect, use and trade is here and yours for the taking. “To create is effort, to copy is genius”. You will discover very quickly that
there is nothing overly complicated about what professional traders do to profit from financial markets…after the right forex training, that is!

Market ScopeTM

Get the winning insight into the market with ongoing market analysis and commentary with MarketScope – delivered directly to your mail box. Market Scope is an ongoing weekly forex training webinar which will show you exactly how and why we are reading the markets in a particular way, what potential trading opportunities there are on the horizon and, most crucially, how you can benefit from them.
Regular doses of MarketScope will be crucial to your development as a trader, teaching you how, why and when to apply the knowledge you have learned with us.

Forex Signals

As an Ultimate client, you will receive details on the very trades we are taking. But not just the entry, stop level and target – you will
be told exactly why we have decided to take the trade based on what we teach you. Rest assured, all forex signals we share with you
are trades we will be placing on our own accounts and such signals will not just be confined to forex – we will happily share signals for
commodities and indices too…because we’re nice like that! We are fully transparent in our forex training and practise what we preach.

One-to-one mentoring (for a LIMITED TIME ONLY)

For a limited time, I would like to offer 3 x mentoring sessions for you to have at your leisure. I charge $240 per hour for one to one
mentoring but would like to exceed your expectations from the very start by offering you a three personalised one to one sessions
where you will have my undivided attention. How you decide to use these sessions is entirely up to you but, the personal forex training session’s focus will be on what you need to help your trading.

Regular Tutorials

We want to keep your learning experience fresh and invigorating as well as simple and fluff free. The members section will have
regular updates on it and fresh forex training material will be added as part of our commitment to your continued learning and development. Rest assured, all of forex training can be applied to all markets and instruments – it’s FULLY UNIVERSAL

Lifetime Support – Forex Training

Yes, we’re approachable and you may email for help. No problem! The last thing we want to do is leave you fending for yourself and we understand that some people “get it” faster than others. Whether it’s a technical query or a question about a trade you may have,
we want this to be the one of the most accelerated and fruitful learning experiences you have ever had and will do everything within our power to facilitate this. The client is king – and we always listen closely to any feedback or suggestions you may have.

100% Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

I have every confidence that you will do well with our flagship forex training course. People from all walks of life have been , currently are, and will. However, if it falls
short of your expectations in any way then I have decided to put all the risk onto me! You have 7 days to take the forex training course for a test-drive. You have absolutely nothing to lose! Even if you do not get the results you expected or wanted, or simply did not feel this course was for you, then I will arrange an immediate no-questions-asked refund for you.
Remember, you’re under no obligation – if you just feel this isn’t for you. I’ll refund you your fee and that will be that.
I look forward to helping you master the Forex market!




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