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Learn to Trade The News by Thomas Franklin

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What you’ll discover

Learn how to trade live economic news events for rapid and powerful returns.

A thorough knowledge of how and why news affects currency markets.

A method for predicting which news articles will have the greatest impact on the markets.

A method of focusing on the currency pairs that are most likely to create the most profit.

A procedure must be followed in order to develop trading strategies far in advance of an economic event in order to know exactly what to trade and how to trade it.

Powerful tools are required to get a significant advantage in the retail industry.

Instructions on how to emulate the professional institutions’ trading strategy

Complete education on how to utilize similar instruments to those used by professional institutions, without the high expenses.

Learn how to minimize risk while increasing return on every trade.

Numerous trade examples explaining and bringing the course’s learnings to life

Displays of how to use each important trader resource

How to Create and Use a Trading Account

There are quiz questions at the conclusion of each major segment to check that your learning is on track.

Access for life

Every month, huge fluctuations in the FX markets are created as a direct result of economic news announcements. It is what major institutional traders use to generate massive profits year after year, and as an individual private trader, you can do the same. This course will help you align with expert traders and, if you are new to news-based trading, will offer you a completely new perspective on the markets.

This course will provide you a thorough introduction to trading these major economic news releases, including how to prepare for, and then fully capitalize on, the trading chances that are offered to you each month. High-impact news events generate massive and rapid movements, and this course is dedicated to teaching you how to trade them safely and profitably.

In addition to learning how to physically trade the news, this course will provide you a better knowledge of the news and how it affects the currency markets in particular. This knowledge will improve your trading performance regardless of your present trading approach.

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Learn to Trade The News by Thomas Franklin