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Lee Kenny – 10 Steps to $100k

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Have you heard the expression “it takes money to earn money”?

Let me explain you why this is completely incorrect and aimed to keep you broke!

I’ve been working with some really smart people for the past two years.

These people aren’t flamboyant or well-known…

although they are extremely affluent

What piqued my interest the most was their capacity to create money nearly “at will” in a plethora of various methods.

When we started talking about the “it Takes Money to Make Money” notion, the tone changed dramatically. To say they didn’t agree is an understatement!

Rubbish….Bull****…. and a few more choice words were spoken by an ordinarily polite 52-year-old male.

They proceeded to drill me for the next three hours on the various (and I mean many) ways they started from nothing and built up massive incomes.

Every time I tried to poke a hole in their ideas, they showed me a different path.

“Well, it’s OK for you; you’re an expert in real estate/gold/cars, etc,” I’d add. They’d point to another way with which they had no prior familiarity.

When I said, “Well, you have a lot of spare time, most of our clients have full-time jobs,” they’d show me something that just required a short period of time to do.

I was blown away.

But it was when they showed me the?10 step formula that blew my head.

Starting with merely and doubling it every time.

Perform the calculations. To begin with,

Step 1 = $200

Step 2 = $400

Step 3 = $800

Step 4 = $1600

Step 5 = $3200

Step 6 = $6400

Step 7 = $12800

Step 8 = $25,600

Step 9 = $51,200

Step 10 = $102,400

What would additional money do for you this time next year?

This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme! This isn’t a game of chance. There is no component of this system that even comes close to a casino or a betting track!

Many of you have purchased casino or sports betting packages from me in the past, and although they are a great way to have fun and make additional money, they are not how most people build wealth.

So, last year, I figured out how to effectively give this knowledge to you without requiring you to sign up for my 1-2-1 coaching program, which costs (and, by the way, is sold out…so no big pitch coming!)

Over 150 thousand people took part?

with astounding effects

I’m excited to announce that we recorded every conversation, every month for 11 months, and you can now access them “netflix-style” and watch them all in one sitting if you like.

Remember, this is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

However, if you are ready to invest some time and money,


Yes, you will need something to double.

Then I’ll drive you there.


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Lee Kenny – 10 Steps to $100k