Lee Morrison – Anti-Ambush Training Part 2


Lee Morrison – Anti-Ambush Training Part 2

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Product Description:Part 2 of Anti-Ambush training looks at introducing spontaneity and unpredictability to your Combatives training.
This element of practice is designed to specifically enhance your counter-offensive options by providing an acid testing format that offers immediate demonstrable feedback as to whether or not your current skill set is functional under non-compliant conditions – when pre-emption is NOT an option, and the initiative is lost.
This method of training should be applied to all of your current contingency plans, including counter-grappling, counter-weapons along with any unarmed striking or punching assault like we looked at in part one.
Here, we look first at cultivating good principle-based counter response options, then taking them into the realms of spontaneity by placing the trainee under some pre-stress, then throwing any non-compliant, unpredictable attack into the mix and seeing ‘what comes out’ in terms of effective responses.
Such practice will show you if your current method of Self-Defence training is indeed functional or not – and lead you towards the direction of cultivating an effective reaction under fight duress when spontaneity takes the reins.
The fact is, if you get caught off guard when it goes live then you are under assault.
What you respond with must be effective enough to allow you to bring the fight back to you and WIN! Cultivating a reliable reaction in training will go a long way towards enhancing your CONFIDENCE under such conditions if you end up here.
Don’t revel in a false sense of security, secretly wondering if your current training method will work for real.
ACID TEST IT and find out.
Cultivate the ability to perceive and adapt effectively to any situation when ESCAPE, DE-ESCALATION or PRE-EMPTION are not an option.
Bottom line is – if you truly want to know how you will respond, then you must simulate!Wait Times:VIP / Elite: Two WeeksPower / Extreme Users: Seven WeeksUsers: Become one of the above.



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Lee Morrison – Anti-Ambush Training Part 2