Lee Morrison – Urban Combatives: Artifice


Lee Morrison – Urban Combatives: Artifice

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In this third installment of the Combative Psychology series, we will look at the use of Deceptive Kinesis or Artifice.
The use of deceitful deception or misdirection, according to the English Dictionary.
This DVD examines the use of deceit using Behavioral Manipulation and Thought Pattern Interruption to obtain an advantage in any potentially violent situation.
We examine deception from two perspectives: first, from the standpoint of a predatory criminal in the context of a potentially violent assault, using diversion before assault, as well as typical ruses.
The goal here is to understand how deception may be used against you so that you are less likely to be caught off guard by it.
The second half of this two-part method examines how Artifice may be used as a prelude to pre-emption through the employment of Brain Engagement, Misdirection, and Pattern Interruption.
We next consider how to build congruence between body language, attitude, and verbalization, as well as how to Economize Motion for the delivery of Non-Telegraphic Impactive Strikes.
This curriculum recognizes a well-known psychological feature as a weapon for the modern-day warrior and complements what was discussed in parts one and two (Fear Control) (The Access and Management of Combative State).
Such Mental Conditioning strategies are an essential component of any Physical Conditioning and Tool Development program.


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Lee Morrison – Urban Combatives: Artifice