Lee Yong-bok – Taekkyon


Lee Yong-bok – Taekkyon

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Taekkyon is a native Korean martial art that was nearly lost forever during the early 1900’s.
Preserved by Grandmaster Song Duk-ki until his death, it is considered a Cultural Asset by the Korean government.
The movements of Taekkyon are characterized by rhythmic beauty and grace that hide the deadly intent of its practitioners.

In this DVD, filmed on location at the historical Korean Folk Village in Yongin, Grandmaster Lee Yong-bok, head of the Korea Taekkyon Association, and his National Demonstration Team present dynamic performances of Taekkyon at its best including:-Fundamentals and warm-up exercises-Footwork and Kicking Skills-Hand skills-6 Types of Partner practice-Advanced kicking skills-Group kicking and technique practice-Basic and Advanced Taekkyon Forms-Kyo Roo Gi: Free Sparring-Interview with Grandmaster Lee Yong Bok-A brief history of Taekkyon-Philosophy of Taekkyon


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Lee Yong-bok – Taekkyon