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Life Response Frequencies Jeffrey Gignac

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REVEALING FOR THE FIRST TIME… The Spiritual Connection That Clears and Balances Your Energy for Happiness, Prosperity, Peace, and Health.

Renowned Brainwave and frequency Expert Jeffrey Gignac reveals the “Gift” that was passed on from two generations of spiritual healers to help clear and balance the 4 wheels of life…Happiness, Prosperity, Peace and Health.

Hello my friend,

Let me ask you.

How would you feel if not one BUT two spiritual healers told you that an Angelic Guide Group wanted to use something you created as a “gateway” to clear people’s energy so that they could experience more Happiness, Prosperity, Peace and health?

Would you believe them? OR would you dismiss it?

Pretend for a moment, you believed them… What would be going through your mind?

Pretend for a moment that there was proof to support these claims that could not be denied. What would you do with this information?

Would you tell everyone? OR would you keep it a secret?

This is exactly what happened to me seven years ago…

I was told that an Angelic Guide Group wanted to utilize one of my products to energetically clear and balance the 4 Wheels of Life…Happiness, Prosperity, Peace and Health.

This was not easy for me to accept but these two spiritual healers were able to prove it to me beyond a shadow of a doubt. (I’ll give you a chance to prove it to yourself a bit later)

This kind of thing is hard enough to talk about without sounding crazy BUT for me, It has been even harder because everything I’ve done in my career up to now has revolved around science-based technologies.

It would have been different if I was known as one of these people that teaches and talks about this kind of thing but I’m not.

.So, I did what I think most people would have done in my situation; I kept it a secret.
The Day That Changed My Life Forever.

Even today, I’m not 100% certain of “why” this gift showed up in my life.

The two people that know the “Why” still wont tell me everything they know about it. They give me bits and pieces and the rest I have to put together myself. I guess that’s part of my own journey.

I didn’t ask for what happened to me. I was very content to live in my “science only” right-brained world.

All my beliefs and understanding of the universe was packed neatly in boxes and it worked great for me.

Then, in a flash.Everything changed! The walls of my reality came tumbling down.

All of this started 15 years ago, when I was updating my Hypnosis and NLP skills with one of the top Master Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Elizabeth Butler.

I didn’t know it at the time but Elizabeth is also the second most powerful spiritual healer I have ever encountered. It was true then and it is true now.

The difference between now and then is that I’ve met dozens of high-level spiritual masters and Elizabeth is by far the most spiritually and energetically connected person I have ever met safe one exception.

This one exception is Norma. Norma is the grand-master of masters. She’s also Elizabeth’s teacher and friend.

15 Years ago, Elizabeth introduced me to Norma because I happened to own a web development company and Norma needed help in bring her life’s work to the world-wide web.

Elizabeth was convinced that I was the one that could make it happen.?
Proof That “Truth” is Sometimes Stranger Than Fiction…

?Norma’s project was called “Life Response”. It was a web application that ran online.

Several people before me had worked on getting Life Response online, but each of them moved on to other projects for different reasons

On the surface, this job sounded easy. Boy, was I wrong!

Had I known in advance what I would be dealing with, I may have declined the work.

“Every detail of Life Response was ??dictated to Norma from the Angelic Guide Group.”

It was only after I accepted the job did I learn what “Life Response” was about. I was informed that the Life Response project was divinely inspired and guided by an angelic group of spiritual guides.

I had some great ideas to get it online but if they did not line up with how the guide group wanted it done, I had to find another way.

To make a long story short, I eventually got Life Response up and running.

After Life Response was up and running, my job became to help build and maintain a support forum for it.

Once I saw the testimonials and feedback coming from the people that used it, I was totally and completely blown away.

The Life Response web-application was simple from the end-user’s standpoint. People would login, press several keys on the keyboard that were represented by various colours. The entire process only took about 10 minutes to complete.
The Big Reveal…

From a science-only perspective, there was no possible way that doing this could produce the results that were flooding in.

“I pressed both Norma and Elizabeth for answers that I could understand. Here’s what they said”…

The Life Response web-application is being utilized as a conduit (a gateway of sorts) to deliver three special energetic gifts to all that were open to receiving them.

Gift #1. To clear and balance people’s energy with respects to the 4 Wheels of life. Happiness, Prosperity, Peace and Health.

Gift #2. To clear the residue (energetic consequences) of past overreactions while balancing our energies so that we may respond appropriately to every day life.

Gift #3. To help people respond appropriately to what Life hands them with respects to Happiness, Prosperity, Peace and Health.
The Day I learned That My Project Was To Be Utilized By an Angelic Guide Group

I continued to watch in awe as Life Response worked wonders for people. Life Response helped people make the most amazing transformations.

One day, Norma was told by the Angelic Guide Group that it was time for her to retire and to bring the Life Response web-application offline.

That was the end of my work with Norma and her project.

Years went by and I walked away from my web business and started to focus on my true passion. Helping others through frequency based science.

I had created a couple of meditation and wellness CDs that were sold in a national chain of health and wellness stores.

I was hired by government funded agencies and corporations for my expertise. Several famous teachers and coaches hired me to create frequency based technologies that they could brand and resell.
John Assaraf
CEO – NeuroGym

Jeffrey Gignac is my secret “go-to guy” for leading edge brainwave entrainment technology and practical mind science since 2008.

After watching John Assaraf use the technology that I made for him to generate millions in just a couple months, I decided to create my first “Flagship” product called Mastering Meditation.

“As I was putting the finishing touches on Mastering Meditation, I started to hear voices in my mind. These voices kept insisting that I change the name from Mastering Meditation to Life Response Frequencies.”

At first, I dismissed it. I dismissed it not because I didn’t like the name. I loved the idea but in my mind, there was no way that I could use that name because it was not mine to use.

Even though Norma and the Life Response project were retired, I felt that it would be blasphemous to use the name because of how sacred the Life Response project was.

The voices didn’t go away. In fact, the got stronger and stronger and they started to come with very intense feelings as well.

I could feel an internal pressure building inside of me to change the name. This really started to stress me out. The feelings and voices started to wake me in the middle of the night until I could not dismiss it any longer.

At the height of my stress, the phone rings and its Elizabeth on the other end of the line.

Elizabeth, being the spiritual master that she is, decided to pick up the phone and call me because she got the sense that something was wrong and that I needed help.

I reluctantly told her what was going on. I say “reluctantly” because I was almost certain that when I told her that I wanted to change the name of my project to Life Response Frequencies that she was going to read me the riot act.

“Instead, something else happened. When I told her, she went silent on the other end…”

I did not take her silence as a good sign.

I figured I was going to get in trouble just for asking. Elizabeth finally broke her silence and replied: “The Angelic Guide Group said yes!”

They want you to change the name and they want permission to use Life Response Frequencies in a similar way that they did with Norma’s Original project.

I was totally blown away. I had so many questions. Why me? Why now? Why use my project?

I still don’t have all the answers to these questions but the one thing I do know, is that this Angelic Guide Group has been quietly using Life Response Frequencies for seven years to help people in ways that my technology alone could not do by itself.
Once Again…The Pressure is Building…

Just like seven years ago, when I felt the internal pressure to change the name of my project, I am feeling it again.

The pressure is building inside of me to reveal everything I know about this spiritual connection that is made when people use Life Response Frequencies.

This is why I am going public with it today even if it means putting my business and hard earned reputation at risk.
The Divine Gifts of Life Response Frequencies

Life Response Frequencies are spiritual gifts that clear the residue (energetic consequences) of past overreactions while balancing our energies so that we may respond appropriately to every day life.
Life Response Frequencies removes the energetic blocks keep us from responding appropriately to life as it opens our eyes to opportunities for creation in harmony with our “Big Picture” and purpose.
Life Response Frequencies clears the “gunk” that distorts our intuition.
Life Response Frequencies clears the “energetic mud” that slows and distorts our connection to spiritual guidance.

Life Response Frequencies helps us to be free of the debris that clogs our connection to our higher self and our creative power.
Life Response Frequencies helps us to stay connected consciously and unconsciously, to solve problems more quickly, recognize opportunities when they are presented and to create in harmony with our life’s purpose.

The “Science-Based” Gifts of Life Response Frequencies

In addition to the spiritual gifts of Life Response Frequencies, there are many science-based technologies that are very useful and helpful for people that struggle.

Life Response Frequencies encourage whole brain functioning by using Passive Brian Fitness sound and light stimulation to “wake up” the connections between the left and right and the front and back and the up and down.
Life Response Frequencies encourage the production of “feel good” brain chemicals while reducing the harmful effects of stress.
Life Response Frequencies passively exercise the brain by providing frequency stimulation sets that are associated with specific states of well-being. These emotional states of well-being provide fertile “mental soil” for which happiness, prosperity, peace and health may grow and thrive.

Respond to Life Instead of Reacting or Overreacting



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