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Lisa Schrader – Awakening Your Shakti Advanced Program 2016

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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shakti Advanced Course Modules
While the Advanced Program will adapt to the unique needs of participants, we will also be covering 18 key subject areas to initiate you into your full SHAKTI power:

Module 1: The Heroine’s Journey (October 4)

A lot has been said about the “Hero’s Journey,” but the unique qualities of the feminine initiatory journey have been more hidden. In this class, we’ll cast our circle together and connect with feminine archetypes to guide us as we begin our exploration into the heart of Shakti. We’ll begin by tending to our personal foundation and identifying the resources we can draw upon to best support us in getting the most of what we want out of this program.

In Module 1, you’ll:

Invoke the great feminine initiation myth of Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, to guide us on our journey
Reclaim your power by remembering the time when Goddess reigned on Earth
Participate in an opening ritual where we’ll cast our sacred circle by honoring the four directions
Prepare for the journey and get to know your fellow sisters on the path
Strengthen the foundation of your personal practices, and access “Windhorse” vitality
Module 2: Our Female Body as a Gateway to the Divine (October 18)

In this session, we’ll dive into the creation story from the East about the “big bang” erotic origin of life itself through the union of Shiva and Shakti, masculine and feminine. We’ll also explore the principles common to the various schools of Tantra and what it means to embrace the sacredness of your feminine body, heart and soul as a portal to enlightenment.

In Module 2, you’ll:

Deepen the Tantric path of finding the sacred through incarnation — diving deep into human experience, rather than renouncing or transcending it
Realize experientially how all power is feminine in nature
Presence and live each moment as sacred
Cultivate your feminine spiritual and meditation practices

Module 3: Sensual Awakening & Deep Beauty (November 1)

Reclaiming your relationship with beauty is key to awakening your Shakti and part of your “soul food” as a woman. By unhooking our conditioned perceptions, in this session, we’ll see how we’ve been cut off from our innate ability to “beautify” with our gaze and reclaim our right-relationship to beauty. We’ll also explore practices which awaken your senses and open the pathway for greater responsiveness.

In Module 3, you’ll:

Activate the senses as a key to greater presence
Explore what it means to “walk with beauty” as a goddess, unhooking from the insidious cultural lie that sells us “beauty” as a commodity
Build rest, relaxation and the rejuvenation of our feminine system into your daily life
Reconceive your environment to awaken greater sensual delight
Module 4: A Heart of Love & Big Feeling (November 15)

In this session, we enter into the domain of the feminine heart, focusing first on our relationship to our feeling life. We’ll explore ways to navigate the full range of the often intense emotional swing we experience in our female bodies. Plus, we’ll look at how we can decode the messages inside of our “negative” emotions as part of the power of our unique guidance system. Additionally, we’ll work with forgiveness practices to support us in opening more deeply to love and liberating more of our Shakti life force energy.

In Module 4, you’ll:

Come to really understand how your feeling life intimately affects your sexuality
Become friendly with big — sometimes overwhelming, emotions — and unlock their sacred messages
Understand the science of forgiveness, and free yourself from being stuck in the grievance story
Distinguish between feelings that belong to you versus those you’re picking up
Learn ways to fully embody emotion without getting stuck in it

Module 5: Befriending Our Longing & Embracing Pleasure (December 6)

Tantric principles say pleasure can be a gateway to enlightenment. We’ll explore what we find pleasurable, not just sexually but in all domains, and how that supports us to access more of our Shakti. Plus, we’ll take a look at what gets in the way of fully experiencing pleasure: how its shadow aspects operate and our fear of being “too much.” Additionally, we’ll gently explore limitations we may be placing on receiving pleasure and how to move beyond them.

In Module 5, you’ll:

Clear shame and negative programming around pleasure
Invoke the power of Goddess Lakshmi through sacred ritual and meditation
Examine your “glass ceiling” on goodness and ways to expand your upper limit on pleasure
Look at our insatiable feminine longing as an energy to embrace, rather than a problem to be fixed
Module 6: Our Beautiful Breasts (December 20)

Continuing to rest into the heart, in this session, we turn our attention to our breasts — the sacred guardians of the heart space. We’ll work with our relationship with our breasts and ways to shift from judging them to loving them more unconditionally. We’ll begin practices to awaken the breasts, discussing how intimately linked they are to our sexual responsiveness.

In Module 6, you’ll:

Use the secret poles of your solar and lunar energy for more pleasure and joy
Fall in love with your breasts — the way they are, and are not
Learn how to experience nipple-gasms, massage and other Tantric practices for increased sensitivity
Receive your own deep wisdom through compassionate communication with your breasts
Awaken your breasts to increase your electromagnetic connection to your partner and activate greater orgasmic flow

Module 7: Natural Feminine Rhythm, Moon Time & Flow (January 3)

Next, we drop more deeply into the body, entering the sacred domain of our womb space and center of our creative power. Key to awakening our Shakti is a reclaiming of our innate feminine rhythm, something we’ve lost touch with in modern life, dominated as it is by an unsustainable hyper-masculine model of speed and productivity. In this session, we’ll explore the gifts and challenges of our cycles at different stages on our personal timelines.

In Module 7, you’ll:

Embrace slowing down, relaxation — and feeling spacious about time — not just to manage stress, but to activate your sexual responsiveness
Learn how to “make time” when your life is so full, and you feel like you just can’t stop
Honor the menstrual cycle, and reclaim your lost power (whether you are still on your moon or not)
Celebrate the deep relevance of the peri/menopausal change and the opportunity for awakening it brings
Come to understand the 3 core rhythms of the feminine cycle — whether maiden, mother or elder.
Module 8: Darkness Before Dawn (January 17)

All of us, regardless of our sexual history, hold memories in the body and can benefit from healing work to release the past so we can open to more of what we desire. In this session, we’ll explore healing rituals and practices that can support us in reaching the next stage of letting go. We’ll also pause to cultivate compassion for all we’ve been through as a woman and see how it serves our awakening.

In Module 8, you’ll:

Work with, and embrace, the shadow as intimately connected to your light
Let go of the past — using your sexual history as a launch pad for your desires
Develop practices for releasing stuck energy, trauma and numbness in your yoni
Learn ways to create sexual healing ceremonies
Be guided through an energy healing practice for releasing the past and calling back your power

Module 9: Your Sacred Portal (February 7)

In this session, you’ll come to understand how “yoni” (a much more accurate term than “vagina”) is intimately connected to your sense of personal power and self worth. We’ll look at how it’s key for waking up from the trance of disempowerment that has had us disconnect from and denigrate our own sacred feminine source. Additionally, we’ll explore ways to listen to this part of your body and distinguish her “voice” as a reliable way to access true guidance.

In Module 9, you’ll:

Explore the new science about the neurology and validity of the “mind-vagina connection” in women
Learn how healing and awakening your yoni can unleash creativity, confidence and authentic power
Experience “Yoni Talk” — a guided practice to encounter the oracle dwelling in your own sacred temple
Learn about gateways, portals and archways: how yoni imagery beckons us across the ages
Reclaim yoni as the “soul seat” of the Goddess within
Module 10: Yoni Love (February 21)

In this class, we’ll continue to get to know this sacred part of our body — our yonis — in a more intimate way. We’ll engage in a frank conversation about what’s “normal,” and release our embarrassment about claiming a more intimate relationship with our yoni by softening into deeper appreciation and curiosity. Additionally, we’ll explore practices to get to know ourselves, relax and appreciate our individual uniqueness.

In Module 10, you’ll:

Come to accept and appreciate the unique flower of you
Understand what yonis really look like, and work with your fears around feeling “abnormal”
See yourself through new eyes of compassion, and allow yourself to be truly seen
Discover how to handle your yoni with care; consciously touching the mystery
Get real with your sisters about hairstyles, fragrances and flavors

Module 11: The Anatomy of Surrender (March 7)

We typically think of surrender as something having to do with losing our power, but as women awakening our Shakti, we’ll discover the hidden potency inside of our capacity to surrender. In this class, we’ll reconceive our relationship with this word and melt into the ecstatic domain connected to our capacity for deep feminine receptivity .

In Module 11, you’ll:

Learn why letting go can be so challenging for us modern day women
Establish trust, boundaries — and listen to your body’s guidance system
Experience a special Tantric womb guided meditation to activate greater magnetism and receptivity
Unhook from the incessant giving mode and practice your capacity to receive
Explore what needs to be in place to usher in sexual surrender
Module 12: Kundalini, Our Primal Energy (March 21)

In this session, we’ll explore the life force energy of kundalini, how it wakes up and moves through the body. We’ll work with our chakra system by opening our energy centers — better understanding how they influence each other together and how we can gently shift blockages. Our practices will include honoring the unique gifts of each chakra and opening the pathways inside of us for greater flow of sexual energy.

In Module 12, you’ll:

Develop skills for working with your wondrous chakra system — the 7 energy gateways for greater healing, vitality and pleasure
Discover the 3 keys to activating and moving energy in the body
Find powerful ways to use the breath to gently activate kundalini
Awaken the subtle body and explore how energy travels up the spine
Practice feeling, utilizing and opening to more of your sexual energy

Module 13: The Wide World of Orgasm (April 4)

With greater presence and access to our Shakti energy, in this class, we’ll begin welcoming the uniquely orgasmic nature of our feminine body to blossom. We’ll talk about how our orgasmic energy need not be limited to the bedroom, but how it can also help us move through our lives with more confidence, power and joy. Additionally, we’ll explore the types of orgasms, how to dissolve challenges, and new ways of experiencing ecstatic fulfillment.

In Module 13, you’ll:

Liberate orgasm from the bedroom and begin living an “orgasmic” life
Explore the range of your feminine orgasmic potential — understanding the many kinds of orgasms
Learn Tantric practices for expanding, extending and experiencing greater orgasmic flow
Understand the transcendent and alchemical components of female orgasm beyond pleasure
Expand orgasmic energy from its concentration below the waist to fill the rest of the body
Module 14: Yab Yum (April 18)

What does it look like to bring our newly awakened Shakti energy and sexual self-expression into partnership with another? In this class, we’ll explore the spectrum of yin & yang, masculine & feminine, in terms of what creates attraction and passion or what repels and extinguishes it between two people. Additionally, we’ll deepen our discussion of lovemaking, paying attention to a woman’s unique arousal cycles and the anatomy of her turn-on.

In Module 14, you’ll:

Keep passion alive by activating yin and yang (regardless of gender or orientation)
Savor conscious touch; what it is, and how to explore it
Understand why she is “slow to warm” and he is “quick to fire”
Shift from the battle between the sexes to the wonders of divine duality
Raise awareness around the detrimental impact of porn

Module 15: Sacred Sex & Divine Union (May 2)

In this session, we’ll continue into the mysteries of lovemaking with another. We’ll explore how to create a sacred environment that supports more easily transitioning from ordinary sex into the dance of ecstasy together. And we’ll look at what it means to create “Tantric Temple Time” with a lover and specific practices to engage in that to awaken the God and Goddess within.

In Module 15, you’ll:

Heighten your experience of intercourse through the ancient ways of making love
Enter into sacred space with a partner: practices for shifting from “fast food friction sex” into the deeper nourishment of the slow Tantric banquet
Discover a ritual for recognition of the God or Goddess in your lover
Connect more deeply with your partner and enter into ecstatic realms through sacred sex practices
Use sex magic to fuel your intentions and dreams
Module 16: Instinct, Intuition & Truth-Telling (May 16)

As we awaken more of our sexual life force energy, our Shakti kundalini, it naturally moves up through our inner channel to the crown of the head. In this session, we’ll look at how we can use more of our authentic feminine power to fuel our vision, to illuminate our best direction and speak up for our desires (a sexually awake woman is difficult to push around). Additionally, we’ll honor our truth and practice ways to more deeply trust our feminine guidance systems.

In Module, 16, you’ll:

Reclaim your wildness by casting off societal domestication of the feminine
Use your liberated Shakti kundalini energy to open the power in the throat center
Understand the biological connection between your throat and yoni
Unleash your power to tell the truth and ask for what you truly want, in bed and in life
Deepen your connection to intuition and strengthen your channels of inner knowing by better understanding the voices inside your head

Module 17: Declaration of Your Inner Marriage (June 6)

No longer in a slumber, our sacred feminine Shakti is awake and has returned to her rightful place on the throne alongside the masculine within us. This is a moment to honor where you are in your process of coming into greater wholeness, self love and erotic union with yourself. In this session, we’ll explore what has been revealed about this inner relationship, the power of commitment to support you on your new path, and ways to celebrate it through ritual and ceremony.

In Module 17, you’ll:

Write vows to yourself — declare your ongoing commitment to your own Shakti power
Perform a marriage ritual and celebration — you with you
Be witnessed and supported: Create “Red Tent time” and call home your Shakti tribe
Come from wholeness: Declare your allegiance to the Goddess within
Module 18: Living With Awakened Shakti (June 20)

When we feel full with the love, passion and vitality of our awakened Shakti energy, we have an irresistible radiance to share what makes us magnetically attractive. In our final session together, we’ll talk about the joys and challenges of being an incarnated Goddess in today’s world: how to protect ourselves, keep our hearts open, and maintain our light while living in an anti-ecstatic world. We’ll also anchor our learning and support each other to more fully step into our personal leadership as we courageously model a new way of being for others.

In Module 18, you’ll:

Develop your legacy — giving your gift of awakened Shakti as an act of love and service.
Honor the new birth and the completion of the cycle.
Manage, cultivate and expand your gifts as a goddess.
Discover healthy ways to deal with the increased attention as a result of being more irresistibly attractive.
Integrate greater abundance, energy and love into your new reality…


Lisa Schrader, the founder of Awakening Shakti, has impacted the lives of thousands of women for over a decade as a workshop leader, author, speaker and coach. Her work has been featured on Oprah, Oxygen and VH1. She has achieved the designation of Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation and has been in private practice since 2001. Lisa leads workshops and offers a variety of online group coaching and initiation programs to international audiences.


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Lisa Schrader – Awakening Your Shakti Advanced Program 2016