Listing Agent Summit by Mike Cerrone



Mike Cerrone – Listing Agent Summit

Listing Agent Summit by Mike Cerrone

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Here’s What You’ll Get Inside …

Listing Presentions
You’ll see 14 top agents demonstrate their super successful “real life” listing presentations.

See exactly how they list dozens (even hundreds) of homes per year.
Scripts & Checklists
You’ll hear exactly what the top agents say to handle objections and get sellers to hire them at the right price and right commission.

Plus, see the checklists they use to stay organized.
Systems & Samples
You’ll discover the step-by-step systems top agents use to make listing homes easy, duplicatable, and repeatable.

Plus see sample pre-listing packets, marketing plans, CMAs, net sheets, and more.
Lifetime Access
You’ll get lifetime access to the entire summit …

… including all of the recorded videos of the listing presentations, handouts, and samples.

Online Summit …

Watch each top agent “real life” listing presentation from the comfort of your own home or office.

Discover why these agents sell up to 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and even 1,300 homes per year.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Watch what is already working … and adapt it to your style….



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Listing Agent Summit by Mike Cerrone