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Mike Gual & Dave Espino – Local Merch Course

 Local Merch Course by Mike Gual & Dave Espino

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Make Money Today With The Local Merch By Amazon Business System | Mike Gual / Dave Espino

Create Merch By Amazon t-shirt promotions for local businesses and make money today!

Finally Revealed:

Discover the little known secret that Mike used

to make $235,000 with Merch By Amazon!

Guess what? Your Merch By Amazon account is far more valuable than you think…

What if you could make money TODAY with your Merch by Amazon account?

Would you like to know how to use Merch By Amazon in a very cool, new way to bring home checks for $250, $500, $750 and even $1,000 per day?

Would you like to know how Mike made $63,000 in his FIRST MONTH by using his Merch By Amazon in THIS UNIQUE WAY?

(Hint: He DIDN’T use the “traditional” Merch By Amazon business model…)

Then be sure to read this entire page, because in this exciting, new video training course, you’ll learn how to do exactly that!

The business model is called “Local Merch” and with 120 Local Merch deals under his belt, there is no one who does it better than Mike Gual.

While most people are busy doing the Merch by Amazon business the “traditional way”, Mike Gual has been quietly bringing home checks for hundreds and even thousands of dollars per day.

(Be sure to read this entire page because you get to preview FIVE VIDEOS FOR FREE, below)

(and Mike gets checks daily, directly from local business owners – he does NOT have to depend on Amazon alone for his Merch by Amazon income)

Make $250 per deal!

And, on top of that, Mike also earns Merch By Amazon royalties on the t-shirts sold by the businesses!

If you’re like me, you LOVE Merch by Amazon.

Merch by Amazon is a great business model when you do it the traditional way…

…but this video training shows you an entirely new way to make money by offering a “t-shirt promotions service” to local businesses.

Mike has done over 120 of these Local Merch deals

since October of 2015,

and has made over $235,000 doing it! 🙂

The t-shirt promotion is very simple…

Using Mike’s unique approach, you show a business owner how you can increase their sales with a very simple t-shirt promotion.

And, because this promotion is NOT something complicated, (like building a website, doing SEO or running Facebook ads for them) most business owners quickly understand the benefits and quickly sign on.

When they agree to the promotion idea, they pay you $250 as a set-up fee to get the promotion started!

(And, if the business has several locations, that’s an additional $250 per business, so if they have 3 locations, you make $750!)

And, this works for all kinds of businesses!


(In the course, Mike includes a list of some of the top businesses that this works best for)

And, this t-shirt promotion WORKS!

For example, Mike used this exact promotion method to generate an additional 60 appointments for a local hair salon.

That promotion generated an extra $6,000+ for the business!

So, not only will you make some great money, but you will also be providing an amazing service for the business!

Now, imagine that you do just one deal a day – that means you bring home $250 a day.

And, let’s say you take the weekends off.

You are now making $5,000 a month!

AND, that does not count royalties on the t-shirts!

  • Imagine, no more waiting 60 days for Merch royalties – you get a check, TODAY.
  • Imagine, you can do this, even with only 10 design slots! (no more waiting to “tier up”)
  • Imagine, no more depending ONLY on Amazon to make sales for you? (You’re in complete control of your income!)
  • Imagine, not having to create thousands of designs in order to make GOOD MONEY…

Not only that, but doing the Merch By Amazon business in this way, you can actually tier up your Merch business very quickly as the business sells lots of t-shirts for each promotion.

And, you don’t have to hire lots of designers or create thousands of designs, either!

All you will need is the business’ LOGO because that’s what we’ll put on the t-shirts!

Really, this is a super-simple business that anyone can do.

But, I’m not a salesperson…

Not a problem!

Let’s say that you can’t really see yourself talking to or meeting with local business owners…

(Not everyone gets excited about sales, even if you COULD make thousands of dollars a day…)

Please don’t let a little thing like that stop you!

Why not simply hire a local salesperson to do the sales (on commission) for you?

All you need to do is run a local ad for a salesperson (Craigslist is great for this) and then share this video training with them.

You can have your salesperson make the sales FOR YOU and then, you simply create the t-shirt promotion for the business owner! (And you only pay the salesperson a commission when they bring you sales!)

Imagine having several salespeople bringing you lots of of these promotions to run every day?

This is a super-easy way

to grow your LOCAL MERCH business

into a six-figure income!

Speaking of six-figure incomes, Mike will also be revealing the details about his HUGE $235,000 deal with a local tire company chain.

In that deal, Mike walked into a local tire store (that happened to be part of a chain of stores) and presented this same exact LOCAL MERCH promotion idea.

Well, that one presentation led to him earning $235,000 from that ONE deal!

You’ll get the details of this amazing Six-Figure deal inside the course.

So, if you want an easy and simple business model that can make you big checks every day and that you can grow as big as you want, then this is the video training for you!

Your Merch By Amazon account

can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollar a year to you…

when you use the LOCAL MERCH business model.

And, now, FINALLY, Mike Gual is revealing all.


As an exciting bonus to this great video training, imagine being able to ask Mike your questions and get support, straight from the expert?

When you enroll today, you will get instant access to our PRIVATE, “Local Merch” Facebook Group!

Class Curriculum

Welcome To The Local Merch Course!

Introduction To The Local Merch Business Model

Meet Your Local Merch Instructor – Mike Gual

Why The Local Merch Business Model Is So Exciting

The Benefits Of The Local Merch Business Model To The Business

You Can Do This TODAY

How To Join The Private Local Merch Facebook Group!

Businesses LOVE This Promotion

How This Promotion Benefits The Business

This Promotion Can Lead To More Business For You

How You Can Expand Your Services

Updated Documents Added To The Course

Read This BEFORE You Approach Businesses!

Let’s Take A Look At The Process, Step-By-Step

The Best Approach To Get An Appointment

Getting The Appointment By Being Confident In Your Promotion

Common Objections And How To Handle Them

The Importance Of Follow Up For More Sales

The Best Businesses To Approach

Why These Are The Best Businesses To Approach

Best Businesses To Approach – BONUS Cheat Sheet

What To Bring When Approaching A Business

What To Bring When Approaching A Business – Dave’s Takeaways

What To Bring On Approach – Bonus PDF

Example Business Card (Front And Back)

How To Present The T-Shirt Promotion To The Business

What To Bring To Your Appointment / Presentation

What To Bring On Appointment – Bonus PDF

Sample Postcard Ad Showing T-Shirt Promotion

Example Email Sent To Customers Of The Business

Example Of Sales For Mike’s Pizza Restaurant Client

Only Work With And Target THESE Businesses

Specific Ways To Find Businesses AND The Email Approach

The Email Approach And How To Do It

Collecting Your Checks And How To Structure The Deal

The No-Brainer, Super-Simple Design Process

Additional Thoughts On The Design

How To Do Six Figures With Local Merch – The Story Of The $235,000 Deal


Bonus Content And Resources For Your Local Merch By Amazon Business

Business Card Example

Bonus Video – Mike’s Email Prospecting Video

SCRIPTS That will help you close the deal

SCRIPT – After You Get The Appointment – Closing The Deal


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