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These Activations of Sacred Energy and Transmission of healing are provided in the form of direct loading and unloading directly from the Pure, Pure Vibration of the Original Divine Source – the Creator of All That Is.

They are designed specifically for humans and animals and have been directly uploaded and uploaded for me and my holographic matrix so that I can be of the highest and best possible form at this time of the Shift.

All are invited.

There are no prerequisites or prerequisites for participation and participation.

These live events are usually 60-90 minutes; these are basically pure transmissions of the Divine Source of Sacred Energy.

Each event highlights different and unique areas of reality for healing – always based on your requests and guidance from the Divine Source Consciousness.

Some of the current issues to be addressed include:



Faith and Inspiration

Optimism and Hope

Self esteem and confidence

Creating and enhancing love and romance

Emotional instability

Relief from fear and anxiety

Physical healing and recovery

Receipt and permission

Soul expansion

True Honesty

Gaining Wisdom and Knowledge

Alignment with Divine Purpose and Mission

Spirit Connection

Opening and expansion of the heart

To be heard, understood and recognized

Development and improvement of self-confidence

Resolution and cleaning of injury

Reorganization of belief systems

Decisive Judgments

Release of anger and resentment


The release of energetic chords and investments

Ascension Symptoms

We will also clear energy blocks and real and perceived barriers to:

Consciousness of Oneness and Unity


Joy and happiness

Health and well-being at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, energy

Peace and Harmony

Abundance, Prosperity, and Wealth

Personal mission and divine purpose

Interpersonal Relationships and Romance

Sacred Sexuality and Sensuality

Pleasure, satisfaction, excitement and satisfaction in all areas of life

Some of the benefits that many people and animals have already gained from participating in these lively activities to activate and transmit Sacred Energy include:


Help with the treatment of health problems

Relieve pain

Reduce stress and anxiety

Solve relationship problems

Expand the heart center

Open and activate the main energy centers (chakras)

Transmute wounds, injuries, drams and karma

Transform limitations and limited thinking

Remove blocks for self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love, and solving relationship problems

Hone intuitive and empathic abilities

Strengthening the brain and capabilities

Improve inner peace and harmony

Bring sanity, peace of mind and calm

Revive faith in divinity, source, self and world

Self Confidence Update

Restore positivity in all areas of life

Pure Native and Blocks

Increase internal knowledge

Escalation of personal opportunities

Activate unlimited energy, motivation and inspiration

Attract higher vibration circumstances and situations

Actualize manifestation and turn dreams into reality

Speed ​​up your spiritual growth

Best of all, each of these Living Energy Activations and Healing Transmissions will benefit both YOU and YOUR animal companions ….

If you and / or your companion animals experience any emotional, physical and / or mental disorders or disharmony, this appeal is what you were looking for …

You will receive answers that doctors do not know and cannot tell you, as well as energy healing to heal and solve problems that are the main cause of the illnesses, discomfort and illnesses that you experienced. In addition, you will receive a lot of amazing briefings, support and guidance.

First of all, we will strengthen and create new connections and alignments with the Highest, Purest, Purest Oscillatory Links with the Primary Source ~ Creator ~ Divine.

You do not need to have problems to join us – energy benefits, heal and raise all creatures … increasing your vibration and increasing your frequency and your animals too!

Experience the deep and life-changing results that so many people and animals already receive and benefit from.

Each circle is brand new and unique.

Healing is based on YOUR requests and also as a Guide to the Divine Source.

All live events are recorded and available for re-listening.

Please join us!

Information about the LIVE TV class will be emailed to you one week before the broadcast. You do not have to be present during the conversation to receive benefits. As always, living energy will be equally effective in delaying playback. The call will be recorded for deferred listening and will also be emailed to all participants.

Note to official non-profit animal rescue organizations:

This appeal has been gifted to official non-profit animal rescue organizations. If you are an official representative of the 502c3 nonprofit animal rescue organization, you can join us as a gift from Lori for you and your organization and leave a place for animals under your supervision. Please write to us or contact us through the contact page on this site to register.

Health and Medicine Course

More information about medicine:

Medicine is the science and practice of establishing a diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.

Medicine includes various methods of medical care designed to maintain and restore health through the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Modern medicine uses biomedical sciences, biomedical research, genetics and medical technologies to diagnose, treat and prevent injuries and diseases,

usually with pharmaceuticals or surgery, but also with various treatment methods such as psychotherapy, external tires and traction, medical devices, biologicals and ionizing radiation.

Medicine has existed for thousands of years, for most of which it was art (a field of skills and knowledge), often having connections with religious and

philosophical beliefs of local culture. For example, a medic used herbs and prayers for healing, or an ancient philosopher and doctor used bloodletting in accordance with theories of humor.

In recent centuries, since the advent of modern science, most of the medicine has become a combination of art and science (both fundamental and applied, under the auspices of medical science).

Although the stitching technique is an art learned in practice, knowledge of what happens at the cellular and molecular level in stitched tissues arises from science.



Lori Ann Spagna is a Best Selling Author,
Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Ascension Guide,
Multi-Dimensional Channel, Intuitive, Animal
Communicator, Energy Healer, Lightworker,
Visionary and Luminary who assists others to
awaken to their alignment with the true Divine
Source which exists within each and every being
so that all beings can live their best life ever.


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