Lotus workshop by David Keil



 Lotus workshop by David Keil

I know how challenging and frustrating lotus pose is because I get asked about it all the time. That’s why I created this online lotus pose workshop for you.

This workshop is easy to follow and extremely practical. It will help you understand not just how to do lotus, but why the posture comes together as it does anatomically. No matter where your lotus is right now, we’ll show you how to work with it. You’ll see everything from technique of how to get into lotus, to preparations for lotus, to working with knee pain if you have it.

As always I strive to make the complex more simple, practical, and understandable. There’s no need expensive and time-consuming travel to attend a workshop. Enjoy this online workshop right in your own living room!

Purchase this online workshop and start growing your lotus today!

  • 1 Online Workshop
  • 3 Downloadable Videos
  • 60 Minutes of Video
  • Lifetime Access

Are you a yoga practitioner?

We’ll give you the techniques to evolve your lotus no matter what stage of the pose you’re starting from.

Are you a yoga teacher?

Deepen your understanding of the anatomy of lotus and gain more confidence helping students learn this challenging posture.

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Learn the anatomical components of lotus posture: anatomy of the ankle joint, the knee joint, the hip joint, and relevant muscle groups.
  • Learn techniques for evolving lotus pose at every stage along the way to full lotus.
  • Follow along with postures to open the hips and prepare for lotus.
  • Explore self-care exercises to open particularly stubborn and tight areas.
  • Learn how to modify lotus for knee injuries or pain.

Three Information Packed Videos!

Anatomy of Lotus

  • Evolving your lotus
  • Function of the ankle joint
  • Function of the knee joint
  • Function of the hip joint
  • How the parts fit together

Lotus Prep Class

  • Follow along with vide
  • 4 simple postures
  • Double pigeon and variations
  • Modified pigeon
  • Modified cow facing posture


  • Seated half-lotus
  • Standing half-lotus
  • Self-treatment technique
  • Working with inner knee pain
  • Working with outer knee pain

Start improving your lotus today with our Online Lotus Workshop.


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Lotus workshop by David Keil