Ma Hong – Chen Taijii Routine 2


Ma Hong – Chen Taijii Routine 2

Salepage : Ma Hong – Chen Taijii Routine 2

Archive : Ma Hong – Chen Taijii Routine 2

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Ma Hong Student of Chen Zao Kui Teaches Er-lu and Yi-lu …
Routine in this Collection.
It shows the Demonstration and breakdown of the 83 move Chen set.
Ma Hong also shows many moves applied to martial usage including throwing and off balancing.
Also Cannon First (2nd Routine) Ma Hong gives what could only be called a forceful performance teaching the Cannon Fist of Chen style.
All the movements are broken down and accompanied by Ma Hong correcting his assistant.
Applcaitons are shown and the usage is explicit and sophisticated.
Frankly In last decade some of the best Chen Taiji instruction came out of china…
starting from Chen Xiaowang, Chen ZhangDou, and I liked Ma hong’s teaching style in this video set.
For someone whose main taiji style is Yang, These 3 people have expanded my view on Taiji and it’s practices…
So Enjoy…
Chinese With English Subtitles.



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Ma Hong – Chen Taijii Routine 2