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Make yourself do anything by Till H. Gross

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Stop caring what other people think about you. Talk to anyone. Become more confident.

This course is for you if…

…you care too much what other people think about you!

…you get self-conscious around other people!

…you are unhappy with your social circle!

…you are afraid of rejection!

Within 6 weeks you’ll learn the tools and methods to overcome your anxiety, become more confident and stop caring what others think about you.

Curriculum Break Down

Week 1 – Building Momentum

Welcome: A Story Of Change

The Gameplan

How To Do Comfort Zone Challenges

Challenge #1 – Lie down

The Single Best Motivator

One Mindset To Follow Through With Everything

Week 2 – Boosting courage

What You Didn’t Know About Courage

The Two Forces That Drive All Your Behavior

Challenge #2 – Eye Gaze

Challenge #3 – Hands To The Sky

The One-Step Technique

Challenge #4 – Smile

Challenge #5 – Get High Fives

The Mirror Technique (Till’s Favorite Technique)

Challenge #6 – Question

Challenge #7 – Workout

Turning Pain Into Pleasure

Challenge #8 – Compliment

Challenge #9 – Selfie

Week 3 – Increasing confidence

The Science Of Self-Confidence

How To Instantly Get Into A Confident State

Challenge #10 – Cut The Line

Challenge #11 – No Words

Boost Your Confidence – The Hard Way

Challenge #12 – Phone Call

Challenge #13 – Dance In Public

Two Changes To Your Body Language To Look 80% More Confident

Challenge #14 – Joke

Challenge #15 – Convincing A Stranger

Reduce Uncertainty

Challenge #16 – For Free

Challenge #17 – Sing That Song

Week 4 – Conquering Fear

The Shitty Thing About Fear

Paradoxical Intention – Kill Any Nervousness

Challenge #18 – Get The Number

Challenge #19 – Getting Rejected

Till’s Favorite Breathing Technique

Challenge #20 – Social Upgrade

Challenge #21 – Howl

Week 5 – The Last Mile

The Last Thing That’s Holding You Back

Challenge #22 – The Last One

Week 6 – Sustainable Change

You know…

The Endgoal

The one technique for incredible growth

Don’t Forget…

This stays on the please!



After studying psychology and apprenticing under some of the most influential therapists Till H. Gross founded Comfort Zone Crusher. Over the last year alone his talks, online courses and videos have reached over 1 Million people.


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Make yourself do anything by Till H. Gross