Marcello C. Monteiro – Best Sweeps


Marcello C. Monteiro – Best Sweeps

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You may now study Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt Marcello C.Monteiro’s favorite sweeps. Add some of the most effective sweep strikes to your arsenal.
These are basic yet efficient sweep strikes that have been broken down so that you may understand the specifics of how to use them.
Marcello illustrates these approaches in the straightforward, logical style for which he is well-known as an educator.
Marcello’s best sweeps are: * Close guard grip behind opponent’s back pulling the arm and getting the mount * Mountaineer sweep with cross arm control * Flavios’ De La Riva reverse hook * Half Guard control to butterfly sweep ending in side control * Complete butterfly control position * Underhook butterfly sweep to X-Guard sweep with takedown * Half Guard to shaolin sweep * Half Guard same side control to Roleta Sweep



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Marcello C. Monteiro – Best Sweeps