Mario Sperry – Master Series Vol. 1-3


Mario Sperry – Master Series Vol. 1-3

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Volume 1: Takedowns and Stand-Up Techniques This new video demonstrates the most advanced standing skills ever demonstrated.
You will get knowledge of the important area of first grip control.
This opening assault is crucial to battling at the Black Belt level, and Mario and Murilo show all of the secret intricacies! You will learn to handle the situation and get the takedown first every time! This video not only demonstrates grips and assaults, but it also demonstrates the most advanced tactics of bringing down an opponent in sport Jiu-Jitsu.
Many of these takedowns were devised by Mario and Murilo and used to become World Champions.
This content will not be found anywhere else!
Volume 2 – Advanced Guard
The most sophisticated guard tape ever created.
You’ll discover attacking and defensive methods from the guard that you won’t find in other videos or from other coaches.
Get inside the heads of two World Champions as they describe the techniques that brought the battle to a close.
The tactics demonstrated are the same ones employed by Sperry and Murilo year after year to win World Championships.
One of the greatest guard recordings we’ve ever made!
Advanced Submissions Volume 3
You’ve arrived to the correct site if you’re seeking for submission methods that many Black Belts are unaware of.
Mario and Murilo don’t hold back as they demonstrate the strategies that have resulted in over 500 tournament victories between them! Three World Championships are included! From the mount and the guard, you will discover submission combinations that will render your opponents defenseless.
Once again, this is our most advanced work on this position.


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Mario Sperry – Master Series Vol. 1-3