Mario Sperry – Master Series Vol. 4-6


Mario Sperry – Master Series Vol. 4-6

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Volume 4 – Advanced SubmissionsIf your looking for submission techniques that many Black Belts do not even know, you have come to the right place.
Mario and Murilo hold nothing back as they teach the techniques that have resulted in over 500 tournament wins between the both of them! That includes three World Championships! You will learn submission combinations from the mount and the guard that will leave your opponents helpless.
Once again this is our most advanced work ever produced on this position.
Volume 5 – Advanced Turnovers & SweepsWhen competing at the World Championship level, most fights are won with sweeps and reversals.
Every year new techniques are developed on the battlefields of Brazilian tournaments that are designed to give the world’s top fighters the winning edge.
In this tape, Mario and Murilo give you an offensive-defense look at how to win using the most newly developed techniques.
These moves are so advanced that without these tapes, you may not see them in the US for a couple of more years.
You will also get a unique opportunity to learn some of the little tricks and fakes that only men like Mario Sperry and Murilo Bustamante know.
Get the added edge on your sparring partners.
Volume 6 – SPECIAL BONUS! – 1998 Brazilian World Championships*Edit* I was just made aware that this is not the 1998 WBC, but another video called “World Championship Tournament Techniques” (implied by the file name).
Here’s the only description i could find if it:”I highly recommend the “Free” tape called World Championship Tournament Techniques” that Mario did awhile back.
This tape was free if you ordered a bunch of tournament tapes.
This is still the best single sport BJJ tape on the market.
Hands down! Case closed!”



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Mario Sperry – Master Series Vol. 4-6